Proview Changelog

Date Module Change Sign
08-SEP-2015java/java Java inheritens of graph from base class addedcs
08-SEP-2015java/java Android app density fixcs
08-SEP-2015xtt/xtt Xtt and Ge graphs, allow comma in float value inputcs
08-SEP-2015xtt/ge Ge dynamic FocusInput in combination with Invisible bugfixcs
03-SEP-2015wb/wb wb, backup utility added to menucs
03-SEP-2015xtt/wb Wb edit mode mark in title addedcs
03-SEP-2015src/help Version help file moved from exe to loadcs
02-SEP-2015java/java Android app, fix for arc drawingcs
02-SEP-2015java/java Android app, animation scantime minlimit increasedcs
02-SEP-2015src/nmps NMps lock, posix semaphor removedcs
27-AUG-2015otherio/epl IO, Powerlink servers didn't handle runtime terminate eventcs
27-AUG-2015wb/distr Wb distributor, bugfix in dbs-file check for base dbs-filescs
27-AUG-2015src/convert Convert, html XMP tag is changed to PRE in class documentationcs
26-AUG-2015java/java Java trace updated with triangles and morecs
26-AUG-2015xtt/ge Ge dynamic ScrollingText, bounce addedcs
26-AUG-2015java/java Java dynamic ScrollingText and Animation addedcs
21-AUG-2015src/pwr pwr kill, remove of applications fixcs
21-AUG-2015xtt/ge Ge subgraps pool and lake addedcs
21-AUG-2015src/plc plc program, argument -m to show I/O methods addedcs
21-AUG-2015src/ini rt_ini process start, bugfix in process argumentscs
20-AUG-2015xtt/ge Ge, new dyntype ScrollingTextcs
18-AUG-2015src/elog rt_elog_dump, fix in usage text. Arguments was mixed upcs
18-AUG-2015src/nmps NMps DispLink, output pin was missingcs
18-AUG-2015src/io_comm rt_io_comm, -o and -c added to state application object and cycle timecs
18-AUG-2015xtt/xtt Xtt show device, process names displayedcs
18-AUG-2015src/pwr pwr kill, remove of applications from appl-file addedcs
18-AUG-2015src/modbus Modbus RTU, replaced remaining TCP to RTU in comments and messagescs
17-JUL-2015src/emon rt_emon, CycleSup not evalued the first 20 laps as it might not be initalized yetcs
17-JUL-2015src/plc Plc thread loop, clock_nanosleep() was interrupted by the profinet stackcs
17-JUL-2015src/io_comm rt_io_comm, several instances with differnt IO process can be started. New options added, -p for process and -a for anixcs
17-JUL-2015profibus/profinet Profinet viewer, option -h added, and macaddress viewed with coloncs
17-JUL-2015otherio/modbus Modbus RTU, avoid plc setfault if init failedcs
17-JUL-2015src/time co_time, new function time_PrintA to print an absolute timecs
10-JUL-2015wb/wb wb build, $pwrp_cnf built before volumecs
08-JUL-2015wb/wb wb wizard fixcs
30-JUN-2015wb/wb Wb volume configuration support for renameing objects and local scriptcs
30-JUN-2015wb/script Wb script function GetVersion() addedcs
30-JUN-2015wb/script Wb script functions MoveObject() and RenameObject() addedcs
30-JUN-2015wb/wb Wb gcg cast for template fo data inputscs
29-JUN-2015src/pkg Access change to sh and some image files to apply to dpkg policycs
29-JUN-2015wb/wb Wb configure, change of default node hierarchy, and BuidConfig added in directory volumecs
25-JUN-2015src/script Script fix for float equality comparisioncs
18-JUN-2015src/script Script, arg p9 didn't workcs
18-JUN-2015java/java Java table, support for cell selection addedcs
18-JUN-2015java/java Java script fixes, and default priv for java environment changed to RtReadcs
18-JUN-2015java/java Java bugfix in subscription of boolean arrayscs
16-JUN-2015src/wbl Adef flag PublicWrite added, and xtt script function SetAttribute()cs
12-JUN-2015xtt/ge Ge, new new action: script + xtt scripts in java + multiview bugfixcs
22-MAY-2015src/pkg Pkg dependency on mysql and hdf5 added for x86_64cs
21-MAY-2015wb/wb Wb export -a removed in cpcs
21-MAY-2015xtt/xtt Xtt fix for 'set subwindow' command in scriptscs
20-MAY-2015java/java Java jni, setObjectInfoString null string pointer fixcs
20-MAY-2015java/java Java AxisArc and dynamics for Axis addedcs
20-MAY-2015java/java Java, manifest added to jarcs
13-MAY-2015src/doc Doc, the Ge and subgraphs manual updated with the latest dynamics and new subgraphscs
12-MAY-2015src/doc Doc Ge, barchart and pie addedcs
07-MAY-2015xtt/ge Ge translation bugfixes for confirm action and 'set subwindow' commandcs
05-MAY-2015wb/wb Wb and xtt bugfix for non ISO8859-1 charscs
05-MAY-2015java/java java, non utf-8 characters removedcs
05-MAY-2015xtt/ge Ge commmands build and create bar addedcs
30-APR-2015src/doc Doc sysinfo moved from pwrp_login to pwrp_doccs
29-APR-2015wb/plc Warning triangle bitmap in plcpgm palettecs
28-APR-2015profibus/profinet Profinet dummy functions argument fixcs
28-APR-2015src/wbl Safety level enum added to some object, and warning triangle in plcpgmcs
27-APR-2015java/java java JopWindow font and encoding fixcs
24-APR-2015sev/sev Sev bugfix, copy of old_value was missing in item copy contstructorcs
24-APR-2015xtt/xtt Xtt eventlog window, exception for invalid times removedcs
22-APR-2015xtt/ge Ge slider dynamics, property ReleaseAttr bugfixcs
22-APR-2015profibus/profinet Profinet interface to Softing userspace stackcs
22-APR-2015othermanu/- Classes for Eurotherm EPower addedcs
22-APR-2015xtt/ge Ge change in loaded subgraph extern/intern didn't set modify flagcs
22-APR-2015/. Copyright 2015cs
21-APR-2015wb/wb wb embedded plc, cross reference fixcs
21-APR-2015src/ini rt_ini and sev_ini, first argument could be lostcs
20-APR-2015src/plc Plc object IOSimulFlag to fetch sim flag in IOHandler object addedcs
17-APR-2015xtt/ge Ge conditional Confirm action for ToggleDig addedcs
16-APR-2015xtt/xtt Xtt eventlog window, method toolbar addedcs
16-APR-2015xtt/xtt Xtt eventlog window, method toolbar addedcs
16-APR-2015wb/distr Wb distributor, warning for missing web jar-file removedcs
16-APR-2015src/emon emon, sup object set for system eventscs
15-APR-2015xtt/trace Plc trace, versions printed in message at version mismatchcs
15-APR-2015xtt/ge Ge dynamic Value.ZeroBlank also works for time, objid and status types (refs #197)cs
15-APR-2015src/help Help, also searches in other directoriescs
14-APR-2015xtt/ge Ge slider dynamics, property ReleaseAttr added to detect when slider is releasedcs
14-APR-2015xtt/ge Ge value dynamic bugfix for annotation numbers higher than 1cs
14-APR-2015java/java Java attribute parse bugfix for array elements and stringscs
14-APR-2015java/java Java GrowWindow bugfix for empty windowcs
14-APR-2015java/java Java annotation protect addedcs
31-MAR-2015otherio/arduino IO arduino sketch, message buffer increasedcs
31-MAR-2015src/doc wbl doc getXattr, stoXattr and cstoXattr set deprecatedcs
31-MAR-2015java/java Jop start script, $jdk_home addedcs
30-MAR-2015xtt/ge Ge dynamic DigFourShift and subgraphs trafficlight2 and 3 addedcs
27-MAR-2015src/plc Plc StrAdd bugfix for too long stringscs
27-MAR-2015wb/wb Wb classes with embeded plc code addedcs
19-MAR-2015xtt/ge Ge pulldown menu dynamics, dyntype2 removedcs
19-MAR-2015src/wb Wb text editor for text and code attributescs
19-MAR-2015xtt/ge Ge subgraph palette new pixmaps addedcs
19-MAR-2015xtt/ge Ge commands updatedcs
19-MAR-2015wb/plc Wb plc code generating casting fix for DataCopycs
19-MAR-2015java/java Java, read pwg fix for groups and fix for GrowTextcs
10-MAR-2015xtt/ge Ge script, general enum and mask conversion functions addedcs
10-MAR-2015wb/wb Plc editor, possibility to remove serveral objects with subwindowscs
09-MAR-2015src/doc Doc, various changescs
09-MAR-2015xtt/ge Ge script parsing of dyntype, actiontype, access addedcs
09-MAR-2015bcomp/bcomp BaseTempSensor object graph, frame removedcs
09-MAR-2015java/java javadoccs
09-MAR-2015xtt/ge Ge axis dyn, property keep_settings addedcs
09-MAR-2015xtt/ge Ge curve translation fixescs
08-MAR-2015wb/script Wb script plc editingcs
04-MAR-2015java/java Java trends adapted for internal trend attribute objectscs
02-MAR-2015src/time Time, deltatime control bugfix for negative deltatimes with tv_sec = 0cs
02-MAR-2015xtt/xtt Xtt trend add curve bugfixcs
02-MAR-2015src/convert convert @i added for class helpcs
02-MAR-2015xtt/xtt Xtt methods toolbar notes subgraph modificationcs
26-FEB-2015src/qcom qcom, link requests from not configured nodes rejectedcs
25-FEB-2015wb/wb Wb build directory bugfix in makefile specificationcs
25-FEB-2015xtt/xtt Xtt method toolbar modifiedcs
20-FEB-2015xtt/ge Ge action for method menu addedcs
19-FEB-2015profibus/profinet Profinet configurator, new gsdml tags and attributes addedcs
18-FEB-2015xtt/ge Ge new methods toolbar added to object graphscs
13-FEB-2015xtt/ge Ge dynamic tiptext offset increasedcs
13-FEB-2015src/convert Convert, added UL to mask declarations in struct filescs
13-FEB-2015xtt/ge Ge new methods toolbar design addedcs
13-FEB-2015src/qmon rt_qmon loop bugfixcs
13-FEB-2015src/time Time, deltatime control bugfix for negative deltatimes with tv_sec = 0cs
13-FEB-2015src/emon rt_emon, fixed timer problem for DSup outside plccs
13-FEB-2015wb/distr Distributor added copy of pwg-files to pwrp_webcs
13-FEB-2015wb/wb wb_wnav code cleanedcs
05-FEB-2015wb/wb Wb fix for shrinking wizard on LXDE desktopcs
02-FEB-2015wb/wb Rt and wb attribute offset for large array fixescs
28-JAN-2015src/wbl ClassDef flags internal bit added to hide class in palette, and one extra classhier level in classvolumes allowedcs
28-JAN-2015wb/wb Plc connect error message fixcs
28-JAN-2015otherio/modbus IO Modbus RTU template values changed to even parity and 1 stopbitcs
26-JAN-2015wb/wb Wb attribute offset fix for large array fixcs
26-JAN-2015xtt/xtt Xtt error message box, leading % removed in textcs
26-JAN-2015java/java jpwr_rt_gdh added argument in crr callbackcs
26-JAN-2015xtt/xtt Xtt remote struct display, typ net_sTime addedcs
16-JAN-2015src/doc Doc changes, rt_net added to PRM and othercs
16-JAN-2015sev/sev Sev database hdf5 addedcs
16-JAN-2015src/wbl SystemEvents flag fixcs
16-JAN-2015src/pwre Build from source build script fix, base root createdcs
08-JAN-2015wb/wb Wb crossreference list generation, DataArithmL added to code listcs
07-JAN-2015xtt/xtt Xtt sev curve window, initial time period setcs
07-JAN-2015wb/wb Wb attribute index bugfix for large arrays in large objectscs
17-DEC-2014src/report Report server bugfix for htmlcs
12-DEC-2014xtt/xtt Xtt video http basic authentication addedcs
12-DEC-2014xtt/xtt Xtt and web Ge access fix for hostobject dynamiccs
11-DEC-2014xtt/xtt Xtt video username password addedcs
11-DEC-2014src/wbl Attribute flag DevHideValue added for password attriubtescs
08-DEC-2014xtt/xtt Xtt camera control addedcs
20-NOV-2014wb/wb Wb distributor, message erased befor new distribute (refs #123)cs
20-NOV-2014xtt/xtt Xtt trend export bugfixcs
19-NOV-2014xtt/xtt Xtt crossref string and function didn't search in subvolumes (refs #194)cs
19-NOV-2014xtt/xtt Xtt trend export bugfixcs
18-NOV-2014wb/wb Wtt setting build.debug added to save settings (refs #202)cs
18-NOV-2014wb/wb Plc editor, build debug fetched from wtt settings (refs #203)cs
18-NOV-2014wb/wb Plc editor execute order display fixcs
17-NOV-2014xtt/xtt Xtt trend bugfix, circbuff start index wasn't initializedcs
17-NOV-2014wb/wb Wtt, menu item 'Open Program' sensitive in dbs-file classvolumecs
17-NOV-2014wb/wb Wb classlist for attrref showed disabled objectscs
17-NOV-2014wb/wb Wtt spreadsheet, class dialog opened at startcs
17-NOV-2014wb/wb Wb clone fixcs
17-NOV-2014src/pwre pwre, piface_dummy added to 'ebuild'cs
17-NOV-2014xtt/xtt Xtt command 'event ack/auto' requires system priv, and doccs
14-NOV-2014src/doc Doc developer's guide updatedcs
14-NOV-2014src/emon Emon, system events addedcs
14-NOV-2014xtt/xtt Xtt trend circbuf bugfixcs
29-OCT-2014src/bck rt_bck -p didn't print attribute objects (refs #204)cs
27-OCT-2014wb/wb Plc navigator, attribute objects could only be opened on first levelcs
27-OCT-2014xtt/ge Ge line drawing bugfixcs
27-OCT-2014xtt/xtt Xtt proview icon fixcs
27-OCT-2014xtt/ge Ge menu icons, transparency addedcs
27-OCT-2014src/elog aproc timestamp bugfix in elog, and timestap added to rt_simcs
24-OCT-2014src/pkg Ubuntu package depends fixcs
23-OCT-2014src/pwre pwre java module not built if jni not foundcs
23-OCT-2014wb/wb Plc editor, opened object editors follows view/edit modecs
22-OCT-2014wb/wb wb distribute, check that node is built after volumes addedcs
22-OCT-2014java/java java pwg read, Pie and BarChart addedcs
22-OCT-2014java/java java app, mh events addedcs
17-OCT-2014/. Version set to V5.3 and copyright changedcs
17-OCT-2014wb/wb wb compile fix for DataCollectcs
17-OCT-2014java/java Java pwg-files, XY_Curve addedcs
17-OCT-2014src/cdh cdh, Status wasn't handled in AttrValueToString (refs #201)cs
17-OCT-2014xtt/xtt Xtt video stream mouseclickscs
09-OCT-2014src/wbl wbl, configurable audio device in opplace objectcs
08-OCT-2014xtt/xtt Xtt multiwindow, pane, fix and table layout addedcs
01-OCT-2014xtt/xtt Xtt, xttgraph and xttmultiview, array of object and borders addedcs
01-OCT-2014xtt/xtt Xtt, status bar in operator window made slimmercs
30-SEP-2014xtt/xtt Support for streaming video added, and xtt command 'open graph' with list instancescs
12-SEP-2014xtt/xtt Xtt command 'open graph' and 'set subw', /x0 /y0 /x1 /y1 addedcs
12-SEP-2014bcomp/bcomp RunTimeCounter, changed time_Dadd() t time_Dadd_NEcs
10-SEP-2014wb/wb Wb directory volume, revert didn't workcs
10-SEP-2014src/io IO hierarchy allowed between node object and rack objectcs
08-SEP-2014xtt/xtt Xtt 'show device' table, class column movedcs
08-SEP-2014wb/wbl Wbl CStoATv and CStoDTv, noedit flags on input addedcs
04-SEP-2014src/rt pwr kill, read ld_appl file to kill applicationscs
04-SEP-2014xtt/xtt Xtt bugfix for opplace arg with only object namecs
03-SEP-2014/. Copyright changed to SSAB ABcs
02-SEP-2014xtt/ge Ge editor, buffer size bugfix in graph attributes dialogcs
29-AUG-2014src/plc Plc, new dataref and string function objects, DataSel, DataEqual, DataNotEqual, StrAdd, StrEqual, StrNotEqual, StrSel, StrTrim and StrParsecs
29-AUG-2014nmps/nmps NMps class DataMux addedcs
29-AUG-2014nmps/nmps Plc, new dataref and string function objects, DataSel, DataEqual, DataNotEqual, StrAdd, StrEqual, StrNotEqual, StrSel, StrTrim and StrParsecs
27-AUG-2014src/plc Plc, new time function objects AtDemux, AtLimit, AtMax, AtMin, AtMux, AtSel, DtDemux, DtLimit, DtMax, DtMin, DtMux and DtSelcs
25-AUG-2014profibus/profibus Added support for Profibus FDL.rk
22-AUG-2014xtt/xtt Xtthelp, project xtthelp-files moved from $pwrp_exe to $pwrp_loadcs
21-AUG-2014wb/plc Plc helptext objects addedcs
18-AUG-2014xtt/xtt Xtt bugfix in command 'show objectlist'cs
18-AUG-2014wb/wb Wtt, build tools button builds volume for SharedVolume and SubVolumecs
18-AUG-2014xtt/xtt Xtt default OpPlace changed from name 'OpDefault' to attribute IsDefaultOp in OpPlace objectcs
14-AUG-2014src/co Time function for plc without exceptions at invalid times added, and fix in time_Aadd for negative deltatimescs
13-AUG-2014xtt/ge Ge dynamic TimeoutColor addedcs
12-AUG-2014xtt/ge Ge editor, build button addedcs
12-AUG-2014xtt/ge Ge dynamic DigTextColor addedcs
09-JUL-2014src/plc Plc core program addedcs
09-JUL-2014otherio/arduino IO Arduino Ao size bugfix and Status enum fixcs
09-JUL-2014xtt/ge Ge draw optimization for lines and arcscs
27-JUN-2014wb/wb Wb function to build directory, import and exportcs
19-JUN-2014xtt/smon Status monitor, timeout for receive addedcs
18-JUN-2014xtt/xtt Plc trace, objects with old subscriptions dimmedcs
18-JUN-2014wb/wb pwr_projectlist.dat, old versions storedcs
18-JUN-2014wb/plc Plc compile warning fix for string inputscs
12-JUN-2014src/mh Mh event types MaintainanceAlarm, SystemAlarm, UserAlarm1-4 addedcs
12-JUN-2014wb/wb Wb dataarithm error for long code linescs
10-JUN-2014wb/wb wb script functions GetTemplateObject() and GetNextTemplateAttrRef() addedcs
28-MAY-2014xtt/xtt Xtt signal flags, inv/conv/test displayed in collection viewcs
28-MAY-2014xtt/xtt Xtt audio bugfixcs
28-MAY-2014java/java Java pwg-file read, XYCurve class addedcs
22-MAY-2014src/co Time function to get current time in ascii addedcs
14-MAY-2014otherio/onewire IO OneWire_AiDevice Status attribute setcs
14-MAY-2014src/plc Plc control, new algorithm for PID and CompPID, and windup limit in Inc3P-objectcs
13-MAY-2014nmps/nmps Plc data and NMps, class DataRefv added and type DataRef used for data referencescs
13-MAY-2014src/rt Plc data and NMps, class DataRefv added and type DataRef used for data referencescs
30-APR-2014xtt/xtt Xtt eventlog window bugfix when opened for specific objectcs
30-APR-2014xtt/xtt Xtt centered dialoguescs
28-APR-2014src/rt Fast curve support for boolean datatypecs
28-APR-2014src/rt Backup threads started with realtime priority (refs #187)cs
25-APR-2014xtt/xtt Xtt script, ConfirmDialog() function addedcs
25-APR-2014xtt/xtt XttGraph and XttMultview options HideDecorations and Dialog addedcs
25-APR-2014xtt/xtt Xtt class help, link to class of object attribute addedcs
23-APR-2014xtt/xtt Xtt eventlog window adjustmentcs
23-APR-2014xtt/xtt Xtt command 'show message' addedcs
22-APR-2014wb/wb Wb, error message when error from linker addedcs
22-APR-2014xtt/ge Ge preview, handling of exception when runtime not startedcs
11-APR-2014wb/wb Wb db_log_autoremove added to Berkeley dbcs
11-APR-2014xtt/xtt Xtt eventlist satellite bugfix for eventlist unloadcs
11-APR-2014java/java Java, move dynamics added to jopgcs
10-APR-2014xtt/xtt Xtt AlarmTable addedcs
09-APR-2014xtt/xtt Xtt ge graph or multiview base window when operator window and navigator is hiddencs
04-APR-2014otherio/modbus Modbus TCP, disable slave with disconnect addedcs
04-APR-2014otherio/modbus Modbus TCP server, signalhandler added for SIGPIPEcs
03-APR-2014wb/wb Wb palette, XttMultiView, WebLink, AppGraph and AppLink addedcs
03-APR-2014xtt/ge Ge graph list, subgraph pages hiddencs
01-APR-2014otherio/modbus IO Modbus TCP ScanInterval bugfixcs
01-APR-2014src/sim Sim server bugfix for step with long scantimecs
27-MAR-2014xtt/xtt OpPlace.AppUseWebDir=1 as defaultcs
27-MAR-2014java/java Java pwg fix for color tone/fill color dynamicscs
27-MAR-2014src/co Time to ascii format, month string changed to Englishcs
27-MAR-2014wb/wb Wb fix for array elements in object arrayscs
27-MAR-2014java/java java c-format %F allowedcs
12-MAR-2014wb/wbl wb load bugfix for DataAritmL objectscs
12-MAR-2014xtt/xtt Xtt read struct fix, element name buffer increasedcs
05-MAR-2014xtt/ge Ge bugfix for scale with snap to gridcs
05-MAR-2014xtt/ge Ge trend and xycurve fix for curves in subwindowcs
05-MAR-2014wb/wb Wb fix for custombuild attribute sizescs
02-MAR-2014otherio/rpi IO support for Gertboardcs
27-FEB-2014otherio/modbus Modbus TCP server, function code ReadInputRegisters addedcs
22-FEB-2014otherio/rpi IO PiFace Digital for Raspberry Pi addedcs
21-FEB-2014xtt/ge Ge copy of axis segfaultedcs
19-FEB-2014wb/wb wb history to html conversion bugfixcs
18-FEB-2014sev/sevcli Sevcli read fixcs
18-FEB-2014xtt/xtt Xtt command 'open shist', SevHistObjects were not displayedcs
18-FEB-2014sev/sev Sev bugfix, sevobjects without event-bit didn't workcs
18-FEB-2014sev/sev Sev read of items with option event and small number of points fixcs
16-FEB-2014wb/wb Wb build WebGraph modified for read of pwg filescs
14-FEB-2014xtt/xtt Ge polyline draw bugfix for subwindowscs
14-FEB-2014xtt/xtt Xtt command 'open graph' bugfix for classgraphscs
14-FEB-2014java/web Web, open graph from pwg-files as default, methods for pwg-graphs addedcs
14-FEB-2014abb/abb ABB ACS800 and ACS880 parameter graphs, op privileges removed on write buttoncs
11-FEB-2014java/web WebGraph object searched for also in one herarchiy level below WebHandlercs
06-FEB-2014ssabox/rt PSS9000 Pi card, fix for counter value rolling over.cs
06-FEB-2014xtt/xtt Xtt command 'close graph $current ' added to close from a button inside the graphcs
06-FEB-2014xtt/ge Ge image bugfix for not keeping rotation and color tonecs
06-FEB-2014xtt/ge Ge image float position implemented.eb
04-FEB-2014abb/abb Frequency converter ABB ACS880 with Profinet communication addedcs
04-FEB-2014/. Release 5.1.0-1.cs
04-FEB-2014wb/wb CustomBuild object increased size of cross compiler commandscs
04-FEB-2014java/aapp Java android app workcs
04-FEB-2014/. Release 5.3.1-1.cs
03-FEB-2014abb/abb Frequency converter object, DSUp TimerTime setcs
03-FEB-2014src/pkg New package for crosscompiling raspberry pi applications.cs
25-JAN-2014xtt/xtt Xtt command 'close multiview $current' added to close from a button inside the multiviewcs
23-JAN-2014xtt/xtt Xtt curve windows, memory leakage fixcs
23-JAN-2014wb/wb wb lowercase name on appl-file fixcs
03-JAN-2014java/java Java GlowCon fix, and open function for image and window addedcs
20-DEC-2013wb/wb 'Build options, pwr_epl_dummy was missingcs
20-DEC-2013xtt/xtt Xtt logging, default filename and button names changed, entry cleared before restorecs
20-DEC-2013xtt/xtt Xtt export of fast curve addedcs
18-DEC-2013wb/wb Wb history log, recall in input entry addedcs
18-DEC-2013xtt/ge ge_curve compile fixcs
18-DEC-2013wb/wb ARM plc cross compile bugfixcs
13-DEC-2013xtt/xtt No SVG build fixcs
12-DEC-2013xtt/ge Reset button image addedcs
12-DEC-2013bcomp/bcomp DSupComp and ASupComp added, all DSup replaced in basecomponents and ABBcs
09-DEC-2013wb/wb Wb value and command input, escape to close addedcs
08-DEC-2013xtt/xtt Xtt history export, in filename and default filename in proview.cnf curveExportfilecs
06-DEC-2013xtt/ge Ge, fonts displayed in font menu, and reset button addedcs
06-DEC-2013xtt/ge Ge input dialog fixcs
06-DEC-2013xtt/ge Ge analog color, dynamics for border color addedcs
06-DEC-2013xtt/cow Cow modal dialog fixcs
05-DEC-2013xtt/ge Ge import svg imagescs
27-NOV-2013remote/logg Remote logg function remote_logg() added, and some doc addedcs
27-NOV-2013src/wbl DSupComp and ASupComp addedcs
25-NOV-2013remote/mq Added more error handling to remote mqrk
22-NOV-2013src/pwre pwre build fix for libpcapcs
22-NOV-2013xtt/ge Ge action priority for command lowered to allow close of graph combined with other actionscs
22-NOV-2013wb/wb Wb command 'set par' didn't work for text attributescs
21-NOV-2013wb/plc Plc connection point bugfix for connections with both ends connected to the same object (refs #158)cs
19-NOV-2013abb/abb ABB ACS800 alarmtext for no connection was missingcs
15-NOV-2013xtt/xtt Plc trace, highlight of reference connection when clicked on (refs #174)cs
15-NOV-2013src/doc Doc gdh, gdh_StoreRtdbPointer() and gdh_TranslateRtdbPointer() was missing in PRMcs
14-NOV-2013xtt/xtt Xtt curve layout mask addedcs
14-NOV-2013java/java java jopc.jar -> jopg.jar fixcs
13-NOV-2013profibus/profibus Profibus gsd file for ABB ACS880 addedcs
13-NOV-2013src/doc Doc ORM, ACS880 and Powerlinkje
13-NOV-2013src/doc Releasenotes updatecs
13-NOV-2013src/doc Doc ORM, groups Profibus and Profinet addedcs
13-NOV-2013wb/wb wb script SetAttribute(), set of deltatimes didn't workcs
13-NOV-2013src/doc Doc ORM, tag @Creator addedcs
12-NOV-2013xtt/stt Xtt eventlist satellite fix for ack and return eventscs
10-NOV-2013xtt/xtt Xtt trend, add curve function addedcs
08-NOV-2013src/pwre pwre generation of changelog in html addedcs
07-NOV-2013sev/sev Sev event storage, check that event is not already stored addedcs
07-NOV-2013xtt/ge Ge graph list save confirm options addedcs
07-NOV-2013profibus/profibus Fixed problem with profibus diagnostic messages handlingrk
06-NOV-2013xtt/ge Ge svg image support addedeb
06-NOV-2013xtt/ge Ge default MB3 action changed to popup menucs
06-NOV-2013xtt/ge Ge colorpalette current tone, and insert current tone in attribute editor with ctrl+double click addedeb
06-NOV-2013wb/wb Wb fix for overridden methodscs
06-NOV-2013xtt/ge Ge graph view addedeb
06-NOV-2013xtt/xtt Xtt opwindow alarm moretext as tooltip removedcs
03-NOV-2013xtt/xtt Xtt eventlist satellite implementedcs
31-OCT-2013src/rt pwr_db_lock-file was created by xtt if Proview wasn't startedcs
31-OCT-2013bcomp/bcomp BaseContactor object graph for two orders addedcs
31-OCT-2013sev/sev sev_xtt xttsevhist constructor changedcs
31-OCT-2013sev/sev Sev repair options for list, clean and optimize database addedcs
24-OCT-2013xtt/xtt Xtt operator window, alarm info button for moretext addedcs
24-OCT-2013xtt/xtt Xtt authorization error message fixcs
23-OCT-2013xtt/xtt Xtt, Unit shown in trend, Description added in curve window, Save scale added, Export all attributes in sevhistcs
23-OCT-2013xtt/xtt Xtt method open graph for multiviewcs
22-OCT-2013java/aapp Android add menu, login/logout was missingcs
22-OCT-2013src/doc Programmer's Guide, aproc addedcs
22-OCT-2013wb/wb Wb history to html conversion, help text addedcs
18-OCT-2013wb/wb Wb history to html conversion addedcs
18-OCT-2013xtt/xtt Xtt curve bugfix for large zoomingcs
17-OCT-2013xtt/glow Glow buffer_background virtual function bugfixcs
17-OCT-2013src/co Remote buffer include file parser, support for alignment in classes (refs #138)cs
17-OCT-2013xtt/xtt Xtt sevhist export all, and read exported filecs
17-OCT-2013xtt/xtt Ge curve, unit wasn't displayed, show description, save scale min/maxcs
17-OCT-2013xtt/xtt Xtt and wb, input syntax check for erroneous characters at end (refs #147)cs
16-OCT-2013xtt/xtt Xtt show existance of event moretext in alarmlist (refs #143)cs
14-OCT-2013xtt/web Java command open url added .html on .shtml linkscs
14-OCT-2013xtt/xtt Xtt event log statistics (refs #160)cs
11-OCT-2013java/aapp Android app, login and athourity check addedcs
11-OCT-2013xtt/ge Ge color palette bugfix, Reset and Bg buttons text wasn't sensitivecs
11-OCT-2013wb/wb Wb, confirm for build node with force added (refs #171)cs
11-OCT-2013xtt/ge Ge image tone bugfixcs
09-OCT-2013xtt/xtt Xtt display of signal and channel status, Co channels addedcs
09-OCT-2013otherio/modbus Modbus TCP, configuration of max slave timeout addedcs
09-OCT-2013othermanu/otherman Eurotherm object graph fixcs
27-SEP-2013wb/wb Wb method for class AppGraphcs
27-SEP-2013wb/wb Backup file display window and list command addedcs
19-SEP-2013xtt/ge Ge scale to grid implemented (refs #154)cs
19-SEP-2013sev/sev Sev, sql query buffer for create table was to smallcs
18-SEP-2013wb/wb Loadfile version check when node is built (refs #140)cs
18-SEP-2013xtt/xtt Sev curve window, full parameter name displayed for first curvecs
18-SEP-2013wb/wb Update classes, volume modification time was not updated (refs #167)cs
18-SEP-2013wb/wb SevHist.Attribute set when object created under sensors and switches (refs #146)cs
18-SEP-2013xtt/xtt Event log method for asup and dsup displays events for attribute, and HistEvent changed to EventLog (refs #156)cs
13-SEP-2013wb/wb Cross references, MountObject.Object added (refs #137)cs
12-SEP-2013xtt/xtt Xtt methods menu, hist event for attribute objects added (refs #136)cs
12-SEP-2013xtt/ge Ge image, reset color tone didn't workcs
12-SEP-2013xtt/xtt Eventlog search was somtimes case sensitive and couldn't handle едц (refs #166)cs
11-SEP-2013xtt/ge Ge pulldown menu, submenu textsize and event coordinates bugfix (refs #165)cs
06-SEP-2013src/doc Releasenotes 5.0 addedcs
05-SEP-2013xtt/xtt Opwindow menu curve/trend also shows DsTrendCurve objects (refs #150)cs
05-SEP-2013otherio/epl Powerlink added to Guide to IO systemscs
05-SEP-2013java/aapp Android app graph object addedcs
05-SEP-2013src/rt gdh_GetClassListAttrref also returned attributes defined as pointers to the class (refs #149)cs
04-SEP-2013wb/wb Plc editor print pdf, distance between multitext lines adjustement (refs #151)cs
03-SEP-2013xtt/ge Ge sugraph flip bugfix (refs #162)cs
03-SEP-2013java/aapp Android app, default graph icon addedcs
03-SEP-2013xtt/xtt Multiview command 'set subwindow on own graph bugfix (refs #163)cs
02-SEP-2013java/aapp Android app, operator window addedcs
26-JUL-2013abb/abb ABB ACS880 Powerlink modificationscs
26-JUL-2013xtt/xtt Xtt commands, symbol added to 'close graph/multiview' and 'set subwindow'cs
26-JUL-2013wb/wb Wb menu methods, subclass override of method implementedcs
26-JUL-2013wb/wb Plc compile, line feed was missing after ScanTime_execcs
26-JUL-2013src/rt IO init, IO Status also searched for in parent object to connected modulecs
26-JUL-2013xtt/xtt Multiview MB3 close disabled for ge cells fixcs
26-JUL-2013xtt/xtt Multiview MB3 close disabled for ge cellscs
18-JUL-2013otherio/epl Powerlink new stall action logiccs
17-JUL-2013otherio/epl Powerlink SetupTimeout addedcs
16-JUL-2013otherio/app ABB struct files including otheriocs
16-JUL-2013otherio/epl Powerlink cdc file is fetched from ./ by defaultcs
15-JUL-2013otherio/epl Powerlink CN server addedcs
15-JUL-2013xtt/xtt Xtt logging scantime min limit 10 ms removedcs
15-JUL-2013otherio/epl ABB_ACS880Epl classes for Powerlinkcs
05-JUL-2013otherio/epl Powerlink implementedcs
01-JUL-2013wb/wb Classes for constant analog and integer values added, ConstAv and ConstIvcs
28-JUN-2013wb/wb Wb enum long text bugfixcs
28-JUN-2013xtt/xtt Xtt multiview windowscs
28-JUN-2013xtt/xtt Alarmlist satellitescs
28-JUN-2013xtt/ge Ge trend hold dynamicscs
28-JUN-2013java/aapp PwrXtt android application cs
28-JUN-2013src/rt Runtime priviliges for plc, navigator and alarm ackcs
26-JUN-2013abb/abb ABB ACS800 ConvertFault changed to ConvertInhibitcs
25-JUN-2013abb/abb ABB ACS880 with Profibus PPO7 communication addedcs
18-JUN-2013wb/wb wb_attribute contstructor element index ambiguity fixcs
18-JUN-2013xtt/xtt Xtt enum name buffer to smallcs
18-JUN-2013java/java Ge java, import of jopc removedcs
18-JUN-2013xtt/ge Ge image bugfix for inverse drawingcs
03-JUN-2013wb/wb Cloned volumes bugfix for mount objectscs
23-MAY-2013xtt/ge Ge fix for DynType2cs
23-MAY-2013xtt/ge Ge image wasn't freedcs
23-MAY-2013xtt/ge Ge, transient for graphs implementedcs
17-APR-2013xtt/ge Ge slider, type boolean addedcs
15-APR-2013profibus/profibus Increased Watchdog/DataHold-Factor to 10 (from 3)rk
15-APR-2013profibus/profibus Removed re-request for diagnosticsrk
08-APR-2013xtt/ge Ge, implementation of command dynamics for subgraphs in subgraphscs
27-MAR-2013src/rt Bugfix for subscription buffer mismatchcs
21-MAR-2013xtt/ge Ge, implementation of dynamics for subgraphs in subgraphscs
20-MAR-2013xtt/ge Ge DigWarning for inverted signal bugfixcs
20-MAR-2013xtt/ge Ge dyntype2 fixcs
20-MAR-2013xtt/ge Ge IncrAnalog copy bugfixcs
20-MAR-2013java/web Web crossref list, size max limit addedcs
20-MAR-2013bcomp/bcomp BaseFilter bugfix, alarm was invertedcs
20-MAR-2013src/doc Doc wtt command print /pdf and /all addedcs
20-MAR-2013java/java Java read of pwg-files.cs
20-FEB-2013xtt/xtt Xtt scaleable bitmaps for crossref read and write addedcs
18-FEB-2013src/pwre ebuild fix for berkeley dbcs
14-FEB-2013xtt/ge Ge dynamic DigCommand with in window object bugfixcs
13-FEB-2013src/pwre Full ARM buildcs
05-FEB-2013src/rt Report display fixcs
05-FEB-2013xtt/ge Ge video dynamic fix for image reading faultcs
22-JAN-2013wb/wb Crossreferences for graphs, pwg-file in lower casecs
22-JAN-2013src/doc Designer's Guide new data storage chaptercs
22-JAN-2013src/pwre pwre ebuild fixcs
22-JAN-2013java/java Java move and scale dynamics for integer types addedcs
22-JAN-2013java/java Java fix for dyntype1 and actiontype1cs
22-JAN-2013src/doc Programmer's referense manual, sevcli API addedcs
22-JAN-2013src/co Helpfile chapter and headerlevel bugfixcs
02-JAN-2013xtt/xtt Xtt bugfix for doubleclick on enum or mask element (refs #124)cs
02-JAN-2013xtt/xtt Xtt command 'evenlist unload' bugfix (refs #127)cs
02-JAN-2013wb/wb wb opening of cloned volumes addedcs
02-JAN-2013wb/wb Cloned volumes, exported volume class correctedcs
02-JAN-2013wb/wb Class editor, MenuRef added to palettecs
02-JAN-2013wb/wb Wb_ldlist, volume class displayedcs
20-DEC-2012wb/wb Mem volume initialization errorcs
15-DEC-2012src/pkg Debian pkg control files sqlite3 addedcs
15-DEC-2012wb/wb Wb command compile/all changed to /volallcs
14-DEC-2012src/rt UserDetectTime added to EventFlagscs
13-DEC-2012src/doc Releasenotes 4.8.6cs
13-DEC-2012src/rt rt_sim added to startupcs
13-DEC-2012src/rt Messagehandler, bugfix in application alarm countcs
13-DEC-2012wb/wb Cloned volumes implementedcs
10-DEC-2012xtt/ge Ge fix in command and popupmenu dynamics reference object syntaxcs
10-DEC-2012xtt/ge Ge Axis dynamics fixcs
09-DEC-2012wb/wb wb mysql type -> engine in create table statementcs
06-DEC-2012src/rt IO erroneous error message removed for ChanDics
06-DEC-2012src/rt rt_elog_dump makefile was missingcs
05-DEC-2012src/pwre pwre configure fix for sqlitecs
05-DEC-2012xtt/ge Ge fix for pulldown menucs
05-DEC-2012xtt/ge Ge support for double references in Ge action commandscs
05-DEC-2012sev/sev Sev SQLite database implementedcs
03-DEC-2012src/elog Added executable rt_elog_dump that will dump historical event log to text-file.rk
03-DEC-2012profibus/profibus Profibus/Profinet fixes, added rt_elog_dump utilityrk
30-NOV-2012profibus/profibus Handling of large prm data areas. rk
30-NOV-2012profibus/profibus Moved event handling to separate thread. Not dependant on io-read cycle time. rk
23-NOV-2012src/rt Pool bugfix in pool_InPool(), reference with exact segment size wasn't recognizedcs
23-NOV-2012sev/sev Sev stat table addedcs
23-NOV-2012src/rtt rt_rtt, show pool added for qcomonlycs
23-NOV-2012xtt/ge Ge axis dynamic fixcs
21-NOV-2012xtt/ge Ge axis dynamic implemetedcs
21-NOV-2012src/rtt rt_rtt bugfix, qcomonly argument didn't workcs
13-NOV-2012xtt/xtt Help class method, abbreviation of class names removedcs
13-NOV-2012wb/wb Wbl print bugfix for text attributes in attribute objectscs
12-NOV-2012src/rt Nethandler and event monitor bugfix, reconnect request from sev server wasn't handle correctlycs
12-NOV-2012xtt/ge Ge optionmenu, functionality for dynamic texts addedcs
02-NOV-2012src/rt rt_ini, start only system servers with config objectscs
02-NOV-2012ssabox/rt PSS9000 IOM card methods updatedcs
02-NOV-2012xtt/ge Ge scroll events transmitted to objects in sub windowscs
01-NOV-2012src/rt Simulate config, reset function addedcs
01-NOV-2012xtt/ge Ge, mouse scrolling added to tables, tabbed windows and windows with vertical scrollbarcs
31-OCT-2012wb/wb Class editor syntax fix for not filled in pgmnamecs
31-OCT-2012src/rt Qdb bugfix in qdb_Wait(), couldn't be called twicecs
31-OCT-2012wb/wb Backup restore script modified for attribute objectscs
31-OCT-2012nmps/nmps NMpsCell object graphs, layout fixcs
31-OCT-2012wb/wb History sevhist selection list size increasedcs
31-OCT-2012src/rt Report server, display needed when reporting GeGraphs can be configuredcs
31-OCT-2012remote/mq Remote mq, message buffer size increased, and prio value setcs
31-OCT-2012src/doc Release notes for 4.8.6cs
31-OCT-2012src/rt Simulate server implementedcs
31-OCT-2012profibus/profibus Profbus configurator, fix for gsd list with spacecs
17-OCT-2012src/co co_convert, image search path for postscript motifiedcs
17-OCT-2012src/tools Wireshark qcom dissector, CircBuff messages added, and handling of middle and last segmentscs
16-OCT-2012xtt/ge Ge dyn bit dynamics bugfix for array of objectscs
12-OCT-2012wb/wb Plc compile type check for GetXxPtr and StoXxPtr (refs #66)cs
11-OCT-2012wb/wb for ARM, -DOS_POSIX was missingcs
11-OCT-2012xtt/xtt Plc trace, version check and warning addedcs
11-OCT-2012xtt/xtt Xtt help, modified search path for help topicscs
11-OCT-2012src/rtt rt_rtt, fix for show nmps picturecs
11-OCT-2012xtt/xtt Print draw, position for multiline texts adjustedcs
09-OCT-2012xtt/xtt Print dialog in trace and plc editorcs
09-OCT-2012xtt/xtt Xtt block list, object name wasn't displayedcs
04-OCT-2012xtt/xtt Print dialog added to most windowscs
26-SEP-2012src/rt, opc_provider addedcs
26-SEP-2012wb/wb Plc compile warnings removedcs
26-SEP-2012src/neth Size check in subscription client message to avoid rt_neth crash at bad networkcs
20-SEP-2012wb/dist Distributor, next page, prev page and scroll events addedcs
20-SEP-2012wb/dist Distributor, display version info for package (refs #118)cs
20-SEP-2012xtt/xtt Xtt bugfix, Hold and Scantime didn't work in Dv object graphcs
19-SEP-2012xtt/xtt Xtt, bugfix in display of Do channel flags (refs #116)cs
19-SEP-2012wb/wb QCom disable auto connect between nodes in a project (refs #117)cs
12-SEP-2012wb/wb wb, comment in autogenerated opt-filecs
12-SEP-2012xtt/xtt Xtt operator log configured in OpPlace object, attribute Optionscs
12-SEP-2012xtt/xtt Xtt, alarm beep wasn't controled by OpPlace AlarmBell attributecs
12-SEP-2012src/wbl Wbload files, size of pointer attributes were missingcs
07-SEP-2012xtt/xtt Xtt display values as hex, octal, binary etccs
06-SEP-2012wb/x Classeditor copy of classes, symbolic references and template object convertedcs
06-SEP-2012wb/wb Build method for classdef to copy object graphcs
06-SEP-2012wb/wb Xtt and wb distinctioncs
29-AUG-2012profibus/profinet IO offset caclulation bugfix for modules with both in- and output.rk
29-AUG-2012wb/wb Classeditor check that StructName and PgmName is uniquecs
27-AUG-2012xtt/xtt Alarm window, button to ack all alarms, and xtt command 'eventlist ack/all'cs
24-AUG-2012src/plc Plc, several plc processes, signal handling with rt_ini at start and restartcs
24-AUG-2012opc/- Opc server asserted when client was removedcs
23-AUG-2012xtt/ge Ge command 'move selected' bugfix (refs #42)cs
23-AUG-2012src/plc Plc, serveral processes, handling of error log and process statuscs
22-AUG-2012xtt/ge Ge fix for close graph dynamics with confirmcs
21-AUG-2012java/rt Java eventlog wasn't built with db++cs
21-AUG-2012src/cnv Xtthelp html pages generated for included helpfilescs
20-AUG-2012xtt/ge Ge action input focus, invisible objects skipped for next tab and arrow rightcs
17-AUG-2012xtt/xtt Operator window status bar, size of node buttons decreased for large number of nodescs
16-AUG-2012src/neth Neth, remote shared volumes ignoredcs
16-AUG-2012wb/wb Type Text8102 and class DataArithmL addedcs
15-AUG-2012xtt/xtt Xtt close/except command, max lengt for except string increasedcs
15-AUG-2012xtt/ge Ge submenu closing bugfix (refs #1)cs
15-AUG-2012wb/dist Distributor, distribution of xml-files addedcs
14-AUG-2012xtt/ge Ge invisible dynamic didn't work for object in a groupcs
14-AUG-2012wb/crr Crossreferences Sv added to signal crrcs
14-AUG-2012xtt/ge Ge value dynamics, fix to avoid segfault when type is not specifedcs
14-AUG-2012src/cnv Convert wbl to html,
added to headers and bold text
14-AUG-2012wb/wb Class editor, check that relative pointer size is setcs
14-AUG-2012src/tremd Trend, template values set in rt_trendcs
13-AUG-2012profibus/profibus Profibus configurator in xtt, bugfix in errorhandling for empty gsd-file (refs #112)cs
13-AUG-2012src/time Time function time_DToFloat64 addedcs
13-AUG-2012xtt/xtt Xtt message removed when window auto resized (refs #113)cs
13-AUG-2012wb/wb Class editor, fix for object attributes with class bit in flags not setcs
13-AUG-2012src/rt IO process mask updated to match definition in rt_io_base.hcs
13-AUG-2012profibus/profibus Profibus device Janitza umg961 addedcs
13-AUG-2012src/errh Errh function errh_SetAnix addedcs
13-AUG-2012wb/io Bus IO bugfix in Ai filtercs
12-JUL-2012java/jop Java trend and fast curves implementedcs
12-JUL-2012src/rt vol_OidToObject, return status corrected for nonexisting objectscs
12-JUL-2012src/backup Backup load bugfixcs
15-JUN-2012java/jop Java piechart and barchart implementedcs
15-JUN-2012profibus/profinet Profinet configurator, sorting of moduletypes and iodata length settingscs
15-JUN-2012src/report rt_report bugfix for several concurrent reports, target file wasn't usedcs
11-JUN-2012src/cnv co_convert xtthelp to html web symbol fixcs
08-JUN-2012profibus/profinet Profinet configurator, added flexibility when changeing device type keeping same gsdml-filerk
08-JUN-2012profibus/profinet Profinet configurator bugfix in submodule indexrk
08-JUN-2012profibus/profinet Profinet configurator bugfix in module deletionrk
27-MAY-2012/. Release 4.8.5-1.cs
23-MAY-2012xtt/ge Ge fix for shrinking windows on LXDEcs
22-MAY-2012otherio/modbus Modbus TCP receive bugfixab
22-MAY-2012src/rtt rt_rtt, attribute of type Status wasn't displayedcs
22-MAY-2012opc/- Opc client, support for canonical data types addedsh
22-MAY-2012src/gdh Gdh bugfix for subscriptions on remotely mounted objectscs
21-MAY-2012src/rt Report bugfix, value tag only worked for floatcs
18-MAY-2012wb/plc Plc editor bugfix, CurrentData and CurrentIndex caused an event loop when name was changedcs
18-MAY-2012wb/plc Plc editor bugfix, coordinate wasn't not set correctly when floating node created with MB2cs
14-MAY-2012otherio/modbus Modbus TCP, configuration with hostname instead of IP addresscs
14-MAY-2012src/qcom NodeConfig, configuration with hostname instead of IP addresscs
11-MAY-2012wb/wb Xtthelp web symbols made available at conversion of helpfile to htmlcs
09-MAY-2012src/neth neth messages for circular buffers addedcs
09-MAY-2012ssabox/rt PSS9000 IO, fix for 16 channel di and do cardscs
09-MAY-2012xtt/ge Ge recursive references for subscription addedcs
27-APR-2012xtt/xtt Trend curves, faster and largercs
27-APR-2012remote/alcm Remote ALCM, time increment reduced to 0.005cs
11-APR-2012src/rt Report, generate image from graph and insert in reportcs
11-APR-2012otherio/modbus Modbus RTU higher baudrate addedcs
11-APR-2012xtt/ge Ge graph, export as imagecs
11-APR-2012src/rt rt_xtt_cmd, program for xtt commands addedcs
11-APR-2012xtt/xtt Operator window, shows logo in $pwrp_exe/pwrp_logotype.pngcs
04-APR-2012wb/wb Dbs file generation, message for missing referenced volume addedcs
04-APR-2012wb/wb wb callback AnteUnadopt errouneously called AnteAdopt insteadcs
04-APR-2012src/plc Plc object DataSelect pointer offset fixcs
04-APR-2012xtt/ge Ge pie chart and bar chart addedcs
28-MAR-2012src/rt Data pointer type changed to pwr_tVoid *cs
28-MAR-2012wb/plc Plc compile with all warningscs
23-MAR-2012src/cnv co_convert, temporary image file removed after usecs
23-MAR-2012wb/wb wb options file name lowercase fixcs
20-MAR-2012xtt/xtt Show inverted/teston/conversion for channel/signal in xttcs
13-MAR-2012wb/plc Plc compile, erroneous reference to removed object in function object code wasn't detected.cs
12-MAR-2012wb/wb Plc, several plc processes with possibility to set affinity, and plc version removedcs
12-MAR-2012xtt/ge Ge bugfix for input of key pad keys without numlockcs
12-MAR-2012wb/wb Configurator, input size of object name was 1 char to largecs
09-MAR-2012xtt/ge Ge Tooltip action, empty tooltip string will fetch view description of popupmenu object or host objectcs
06-MAR-2012wb/wb Wb generation of size optimized loadfile for runtimecs
04-MAR-2012/. Release 4.8.4-1.cs
02-MAR-2012otherio/arduino Arduino checksum, connect request added and 16 bits Ao.cs
02-MAR-2012wb/wb Wb syntax check for bi and bo signalscs
02-MAR-2012sev/sev Sev altering of database engine added to sev_repaircs
28-FEB-2012otherio/arduino Libnodave premilinary implementation.cs
28-FEB-2012bcomp/bcomp Component BaseFilter delay addedcs
27-FEB-2012src/gdh Gdh bugfix int gdh_GetAttrRefTid for classescs
27-FEB-2012profibus/profinet Profinet configurator bugfix in submodule indexcs
15-FEB-2012xtt/ge Ge curve bugfix for datafile not foundcs
15-FEB-2012xtt/ge Ge invisible dynamics, string attributes invertedcs
13-FEB-2012src/io IO digital channel for di or do addedcs
13-FEB-2012src/io IO Buffer input and Buffer output signals/channels addedcs
24-JAN-2012src/tools QCom wireshark dissector addedcs
20-JAN-2012xtt/xtt Xtt 'show device' channels in io module wasn't displayedcs
20-JAN-2012profibus/profinet Profinet, IO status wasn't set properlycs
19-JAN-2012wb/wbl Wbl print fix when template objects are not foundcs
17-JAN-2012src/rt Class cache compatible with 4.6, and incompatible with 4.8.2cs
17-JAN-2012src/plc Plc Timit.OldAcc changed from invisible to noeditcs
17-JAN-2012src/cnv co_convert function to generate changelog texts from git logcs
02-JAN-2012profibus/profinet Profinet, set correct status on profinet device when losing connectioncs
30-DEC-2011profibus/profinet Set correct status on profinet device when losing connection.rk
22-DEC-2011wb/wb wb navigator, prevously selected item stored to be remembered after delete operationcs
22-DEC-2011profibus/profinet Added support for handling more than one API.rk
22-DEC-2011profibus/profinet Bugfixes in profinet_viewer.rk
22-DEC-2011profibus/profinet Profinet, support for different API'scs
21-DEC-2011src/sev rt_sevhistmon, bugfix in connect requestcs
21-DEC-2011xtt/ge Ge support for multiline textscs
21-DEC-2011src/rtt rt_rtt qcomonly, user argument removedcs
21-DEC-2011java/web Web site can be opened from another than the process/operator stationcs
14-DEC-2011xtt/ge Ge optionmenu and menu bugfix, key events and exposure events was lostcs
13-DEC-2011src/plc Plc functionobject localtime bugfixcs
13-DEC-2011src/cnv co_convert conversion from xtt help to textcs
13-DEC-2011src/rt rt_report, new report servercs
05-DEC-2011profibus/profinet Profinet configurator, serial number viewed for modulecs
05-DEC-2011xtt/ge Ge, Bit type added for all digital attributes, and reference attribute for SetDigcs
05-DEC-2011profibus/profibus Softing profiboard, MaxSlaveDiagLen addedcs
25-NOV-2011src/rt rt_trend, changed to monotonic time to avoid delay at time shiftscs
24-NOV-2011src/rt Qcom, configuration of min and max resend timecs
22-NOV-2011profibus/profinet Profinet Device method, CopyDevice, addedcs
21-NOV-2011bcomp/bcomp BaseSupSwitch, normally open addedcs
21-NOV-2011src/rtt rt_rtt, show nodes, os and hw addedcs
21-NOV-2011wb/plc Plc editor, check that references are not in LibHier addedcs
18-NOV-2011profibus/profibus Profibus configurator, gsd parser fix for module name and configdata with no space in betweencs
08-NOV-2011nmps/wbl NMpsCellData visibility of attributes changedcs
08-NOV-2011remote/rk512 Remote rk512 ported from ELNcs
08-NOV-2011src/rt Server rt_post for email and sms addedcs
08-NOV-2011xtt/xtt Xtt command store without /col didn't work for attribute objectscs
04-NOV-2011xtt/xtt Xtt opplace, starup applications added, and layout option hide navigatorcs
04-NOV-2011xtt/ge Ge valueinput, bugfix in input cursor positioncs
03-NOV-2011otherio/onewire OneWire, generic ao device addedcs
03-NOV-2011src/plc Functionobject EnumToStr addedcs
03-NOV-2011xtt/xtt Xtt, RemnodeWMQ added to remnode tablecs
03-NOV-2011siemens/wbl Siemens_Do8 profinet module, number of channels correctedcs
03-NOV-2011nmps/- DataCopy, DataReset bugfix, didn't work for attribute object referencescs
03-NOV-2011src/plc Functionobject StrToEnum addedcs
03-NOV-2011profibus/profinet Profinet configurator, rename of module names allowed, and some V2.25 attributes addedcs
31-OCT-2011profibus/profibus Profibus configurator, fix for modules with ExtUserPrmDataLen specified but not ExtUserPrmDataConstcs
27-OCT-2011src/sev Sev, deadband for other types than floatcs
27-OCT-2011otherio/modbus Modbus RTU addedcs
21-OCT-2011src/sev Sevhist Trigger bugfix for sevobjectscs
21-OCT-2011profibus/profinet Profinet configurator, module name restrictions removedcs
17-OCT-2011otherio/modbus Modbus TCP module with both read and writecs
12-OCT-2011xtt/ge Ge group name change fixcs
12-OCT-2011xtt/ge Ge metal button subgraphs fix for dimmed framecs
10-OCT-2011xtt/xtt rt_xtt option n added for optimized networkcs
05-OCT-2011xtt/ge Ge subgraph sliderarrow2 addedcs
05-OCT-2011src/doc Ge designer's guide new draftcs
26-SEP-2011src/tools OpenBSD packagecs
26-SEP-2011src/tools Antlr from releasecs
23-SEP-2011wb/wb Wb database lockfile, nodename added to file contentcs
23-SEP-2011xtt/xtt Xtt command 'open navigator' added, and /object added to command 'set subwindow'cs
21-SEP-2011wb/wb Script, \r at end of line acceptedcs
21-SEP-2011profibus/profinet Profinet configurator script functions, bugfix for missing gsdml filenamecs
21-SEP-2011wb/dist Distribute, searchpath for userdatabase, rhost file and change from pwrp_src to pwrp_cnfcs
21-SEP-2011xtt/ge Ge commands move, scale and rotate for selected object added, and move with absolute coordinatescs
12-SEP-2011xtt/ge Ge window object, error message for window with no initial graph removedcs
12-SEP-2011src/io IO, max limit for number of channels for a card removedcs
12-SEP-2011wb/dist Distribute mask, bit for XML files addedcs
12-SEP-2011src/tools Conversion wbl to html, error message for missing java script class menu removedcs
09-SEP-2011profibus/profinet Added functionality for acyclic write to a devicerk
05-SEP-2011ssabox/rt PSS9000 remote rack check of return status addedcs
05-SEP-2011ssabox/rt PSS9000 stall for ao card in remote rack addedcs
05-SEP-2011src/tools Build define OS_POSIX addedcs
02-SEP-2011wb/dist Distribute fix, build options and custom build not dependent on DistributeDisabledcs
02-SEP-2011wb/wb Distribute bugfix, SevNodeConfig object caused incomplete packages of other nodescs
01-SEP-2011src/io Event arg added to swap IO method, new event for emergency breakcs
31-AUG-2011sev/sev Sev bootfile name bugfixcs
31-AUG-2011ssabox/rt PSS9000 Ao-cards, max number of channels increased to 16cs
23-JUL-2011src/tools Build of ARM package addedcs
22-JUL-2011src/doc Programmers reference manual, errh addedcs
21-JUL-2011xtt/ge Ge bugfix, strange color in navigatin window when new text object was createdcs
21-JUL-2011xtt/ge Ge default textsize changed to 12cs
20-JUL-2011wb/plc Plc function objects PulseTrain, True and False addedcs
19-JUL-2011xtt/ge Ge table select, element unselected when clicked on if already selectedcs
15-JUL-2011xtt/ge Ge rotation of texts implementedcs
13-JUL-2011wb/wb Spreadsheet editor, export to text file and import from textfile addedcs
12-JUL-2011wb/wb wb option -s to open dbs-file for volume instead of dbcs
12-JUL-2011wb/wb Attribute flag Private declares readonly access to attribute. Used for ValueIndex in signalscs
11-JUL-2011src/rt ld_appl file, pwr_sevhistmon and pwr_sev_server addedcs
10-JUL-2011otherio/spi Support for SPI Slave addedcs
08-JUL-2011wb/wb Plc Grafcet sequences can be used in component function objectscs
07-JUL-2011wb/wb ConfigureComponent with disable setting on more than two levelscs
07-JUL-2011wb/wb wb_load files, backslash replaced by double backslash to void parse errorscs
06-JUL-2011xtt/xtt Xtt, collection of all signals in an hierarchy and insert into a collection windowcs
01-JUL-2011src/rt package name with path allowedcs
01-JUL-2011xtt/xtt Collection window addedcs
10-JUN-2011misc/- Object for LED patterns of Do cards for IO demo added.cs
09-JUN-2011otherio/cifx Hilscher cifX profinet controller, beta version.cs
09-JUN-2011otherio/onewire 1-Wire generic Ai device added.cs
31-MAY-2011profibus/profinet Script functions GetIoDeviceData and SetIoDeviceData to modify profinet configuration added.cs
31-MAY-2011profibus/profinet Recall buffer added to profinet configurator.cs
31-MAY-2011src/pwrb New BuildOptions object to configure plc link options.cs
27-MAY-2011src/plc Plc object EnumToStr get the text for an enum type added.cs
25-MAY-2011misc/- Game pingpong added.cs
25-MAY-2011misc/- New classvolume Miscellaneous and module misc added.cs
18-MAY-2011otherio/udp UDP IO implemented.cs
17-MAY-2011xtt/xtt Xtt graph options for fullscreen, maximize and iconify added for command and XttGraph.cs
17-MAY-2011nmps/- NMps cells added with size 60 and 120.cs
17-MAY-2011xtt/xtt Bugfix in 'close navigator' command.cs
16-MAY-2011otherio/joystick Support for USB joystick added.cs
13-MAY-2011xtt/ge Component AxisArc for circular axes added.cs
12-MAY-2011src/plc DataCollect alignment bug fixed.cs
29-APR-2011profibus/profibus Profibus gsd Bit and BitArea syntax fix for space between Bit and (cs
27-APR-2011src/tmon All timed out subscriptions immediately reset.cs
27-APR-2011src/qmon Bugfix in buffering of subscription messages.cs
29-MAR-2011xtt/ge Ge rotation dynamic, problem with escaping rotation object fixed.cs
28-MAR-2011profibus/profinet Profinet configurator, choice wether to clear or keep data when gsdml file is changed.cs
24-MAR-2011sev/sev Check/repair program for mysql history database added.cs
21-MAR-2011sev/sev Bugfix, pwr_tTime types didn't work.cs
14-MAR-2011src/pwrb Enum type for Ready/Not ready added.cs
11-MAR-2011otherio/cifx Support for Hilscher cifX added.cs
10-MAR-2011wb/wb Plc editor, accelerator for build added.cs
09-MAR-2011wb/wb Wtt command set attribute, support for deltatimes added.cs
23-FEB-2011profibus/- Profinet and Profibus configurators, default module class setting added, and Apply button added.cs
23-FEB-2011profibus/profinet Profinet configurator, order number added to text in module type list.cs
22-FEB-2011xtt/xtt Curve window, second mark added.cs
22-FEB-2011xtt/xtt Curve window, export function added for history curves.cs
03-FEB-2011xtt/xtt Problems with OpPlace and XttGraph object in SharedVolume fixed.cs
03-FEB-2011wb/wb Plc link, problem with uppercase nodename for opt-file fixed.cs
02-FEB-2011xtt/flow Color alloc problem fixed.cs
02-FEB-2011wb/wb Bugfix in object editor, Ctrl+DoubleClick didn't work on attrrefs.cs
02-FEB-2011wb/wb Plc compile, problem with compilation of component subwindow from plc editor fixed.cs
21-JAN-2011xtt/rtmon Runtime Monitor, problem with restart timeout fixed.rk
21-JAN-2011xtt/xtt Languages zh_cn and fr_fr added.cs
20-JAN-2011xtt/ge wb_ge, execution of wtt initfile to get history log enable/disable setup added.cs
20-JAN-2011otherio/arduino Support for Arduino USB boards added.cs
20-JAN-2011xtt/ge Ge Move dynamic, different move and scale factors for x and y direction.cs
20-JAN-2011otherio/velleman Velleman K8055 communication timeout increased.cs
19-JAN-2011xtt/ge Ge subgraph camera added.cs
19-JAN-2011src/plc PID controller, derivative filtering modified, and function object Filter algorithm modified.hw
19-JAN-2011xtt/xtt Language translationfiles, include statement added.cs
14-JAN-2011xtt/ge Glow and flow widgets destructor fix, event timer fix.cs
12-JAN-2011java/rt Java table column reordering disabled.cs
12-JAN-2011xtt/xtt Operator logging, logging and replay of ge graph events implemented.cs
12-JAN-2011java/rt Java bugfix, subscription of String array didn't work.cs
11-JAN-2011src/plc Plc loop options added for policy when execution time exceedes scantime.cs
20-DEC-2010xtt/ge Ge subgraph for limit switch added.cs
20-DEC-2010opc/- Opc_server fix, suppressed error return from not mounted mountobjects.cs
20-DEC-2010src/gdh Gdh fix to be able to set values in mounted volumes from opc.cs
16-DEC-2010remote/wmq Added functionality for handling Websphere MQ as remote node.rk
15-DEC-2010xtt/ge Ge plant navigator bugfix, unselect didn't remove global selection.cs
10-DEC-2010src/plc Arithm code comment on last row could comment out closing parenthesis.cs
07-DEC-2010src/tools Live CD customization files added.cs
03-DEC-2010xtt/xtt Xtt eventlist, ReturnText was not shown in return events.cs
02-DEC-2010profibus/- Finalized PROFINET IO functionality. Added several classes for handling different types of Profinet IO.rk
02-DEC-2010siemens/wbl Added classes for Sinamics G120 drive with Profinet/Profibus.rk
02-DEC-2010src/rt Added support for handling i/o-channels hidden inside attribute.rk
02-DEC-2010siemens/wbl Added classes for Siemens ET200M/S using Profinet.rk
23-NOV-2010src/rt rt_emon message loop bugfix.cs
23-NOV-2010src/pwre co_mereg bugfix, conditional opsys didn't work.cs
23-NOV-2010wb/wb Lockfile added to directory and class volumes.cs
23-NOV-2010xtt/ge Ge confirm, bugfix in close graph.cs
23-NOV-2010src/rt getopt replaced.cs
22-NOV-2010xtt/xtt Xtt bugfix, xtt started with -s (select opplace) didn't load the eventlist.cs
21-NOV-2010/. Operating system FreeBSD added.cs
20-NOV-2010bcomp/bcomp Graphical symbols without mode indication and subraphs for separate mode indication added.cs
11-NOV-2010xtt/xtt Ge journal bugfix for restore of incomplete journal file.cs
11-NOV-2010java/jop Chinese characters, UTF-0 char coding of language and textfiles.cs
11-NOV-2010src/cdh cdh_Strcpy added for copying into the same buffer.cs
11-NOV-2010xtt/xtt Chinese characters, UTF-0 char coding of language and textfiles.cs
01-NOV-2010xtt/xtt Locale modified.cs
28-OCT-2010xtt/xtt Sev curve window time selecton added and function to add curve.cs
19-OCT-2010xtt/xtt Xtt loggning, conditional logging with expression added.cs
18-OCT-2010src/script Bugfix in double right parenthesis and multiple execution of single line command.cs
15-OCT-2010src/pwrb GetDtp, bugfix in output type.cs
15-OCT-2010xtt/xtt SevHist, several sevhist curves in one window.cs
06-OCT-2010wb/wb Dev method PostCreate, inheritance added.cs
06-OCT-2010src/pwrb PlcThread Prio defaultvalue set to 22.cs
06-OCT-2010java/jop Web operator window, possibility to remove Help and Proview buttons.cs
06-OCT-2010wb/wb IO objects, PostCreate method to automatically insert ThreadObject.cs
06-OCT-2010src/pwrb SevHist options mask, Parameter bit added for future use.cs
05-OCT-2010wb/wb Node build method, current node condition for build of config files removed.cs
05-OCT-2010wb/wb RtBody size alignment fix for ClassDef and Attribute objects.cs
04-OCT-2010wb/wb PlcPgm and Node, adopt and create methods added.cs
01-OCT-2010wb/adm Projectlist, errormessage for '_' in project name which is not allowed.cs
30-SEP-2010src/rt strcpy using the same in and output string doesn't work in 64 bit.cs
30-SEP-2010src/co String conversion of null time with negative gmt offset failed.cs
30-SEP-2010src/rt Bugfix for nodenames larger than 31 characters.cs
27-AUG-2010wb/wb Alignment bugfix class array attributes.cs
25-AUG-2010xtt/xtt rt_xtt bugfix, option -u didn't work.cs
22-AUG-2010src/pwre Conditional os i meth filescs
22-AUG-2010src/co Lang key size bugfix.cs
20-AUG-2010xtt/xtt Xtt trend bugfix, the same value was sometimes added twice to curve.cs
09-JUL-2010src/doc Rtt documentation.cs
08-JUL-2010profibus/- Added functionality for PROFINET IO using Softing Profinet Stackrk
02-JUL-2010profibus/- Common IO module objects for different busses.cs
01-JUL-2010otherio/modbus Modbus TCP bugfix in scan interval.cs
30-JUN-2010ssabox/rt PSS9000 card MIO3102up added.cs
21-JUN-2010otherio/modbus Modbus TCP server, correction for WriteSingleCoil. If value is not 0 or 0x00FF, no value shoud be set.cs
21-JUN-2010src/co Show crossreferences, searches in all crossreference files, not just in the file for the current volume.cs
18-JUN-2010wb/wb Crossreferences in LibHier not inserted into crossreferece list. cs
18-JUN-2010xtt/xtt Show crossreferences searches in crossreferencefiles for all volumes.cs
17-JUN-2010xtt/xtt Logging of operator actions implemented.cs
17-JUN-2010xtt/ge Ge scale dynamic: negative scalefactors zeroed.cs
17-JUN-2010xtt/ge Popup menu action: attribute can be referenced, and object methods viewed with cascading menu.cs
17-JUN-2010src/cdh Bugfix in cdh_SuppressSuperAll.cs
17-JUN-2010wb/script Wb script function GetAttribute didn't work for attribute objects.cs
10-JUN-2010src/emon Support for EmergBreakAction Reboot added.cs
06-JUN-2010otherio/- IO methods and objects for temperature sensor Maxim DS18B20 added.cs
02-JUN-2010java/jop TextField fontsize adusted.cs
02-JUN-2010java/jop New script,, to start java operator window locally.cs
02-JUN-2010java/jop Several bugfixes in Navigator.cs
02-JUN-2010java/jop Object graphs updated.cs
02-JUN-2010java/jop Support for language translation in web and java interface.cs
02-JUN-2010java/jop Support color gradients and fix color.cs
30-MAY-2010otherio/- Added support for Velleman K8055 USB experiment board.cs
20-MAY-2010wb/plc Bugfix in plc editor, channels wasn't viewed in subvolumes.cs
12-MAY-2010xtt/ge Gradients added in java export.cs
20-APR-2010wb/wb Custom build configuration object and generation of file.cs
17-APR-2010wb/wb Distribution to other users than pwrp.cs
17-APR-2010otherio/gpio IO methods and objects for GPIO.cs
29-MAR-2010/. Release 4.7.0-1.cs
26-MAR-2010bcomp/bcomp BaseContactor, pulsed start/stop implemented.cs
16-MAR-2010otherio/modbus ScanInterval added to modbus slave object.cs
09-MAR-2010bcomp/bcomp ForceMan input added to CompModeDFo and CompModeD2Fo.cs
09-MAR-2010xtt/ge Graph width and height stored in the beginning of the .pwg file to create the window with the correct size.cs
05-MAR-2010xtt/ge Keystroke Ctrl+W can be used to close a Ge graph.cs
04-MAR-2010bcomp/bcomp Off2 and Off3 inputs added to BaseFcPPO3Fo and BaseFcPPO5Fc.cs
04-MAR-2010src/script Script type int change from int to long int.cs
26-FEB-2010src/pwrb Class LocalTime added.cs
16-FEB-2010xtt/xtt Command 'close graph', qualifier /classgraph added.cs
16-FEB-2010bcomp/bcomp Backup added to BasePositSensor.cs
16-FEB-2010xtt/xtt Command 'wait' added.cs
09-FEB-2010src/wbl New class InitArea for the initial value area objects.cs
09-FEB-2010xtt/ge PID object graph, indicator for Inverse didn't work.cs
09-FEB-2010xtt/xtt Error message for invalid local attributes in Ge graphs.cs
09-FEB-2010xtt/ge Command 'set attr/bypass' replaced by action SetValue in object graphs.cs
09-FEB-2010src/gdh gdh_RefObjectInfoList returns error status for invalid local attribute.cs
02-FEB-2010src/errh Log message sent via qcom, null termination was lost.cs
01-FEB-2010xtt/xtt Commands 'open graph /class/parent' and 'check isattribute' added button in object graphs to open parent object graph.cs
01-FEB-2010xtt/ge StoDo works with slider objects.cs
29-JAN-2010xtt/xtt Toolbar added to alarm and event window. Method buttons for both event object and sup object.cs
29-JAN-2010src/emon Event object and sup object changed from objid to attrref. Increased size of eventname. cs
29-JAN-2010xtt/xtt Methods navigator and history added to method toolbar, which also can be used for other components than xtt.cs
29-JAN-2010xtt/xtt Event name added to alarm text in operator window.cs
28-JAN-2010bcomp/bcomp Adding of main object name to alarm texts removed. Comma removed from alarmtexts.cs
21-JAN-2010wb/plc Toolbar buttons in plc editor to create texts and documents and to redraw.cs
20-JAN-2010wb/wb Functionality to view configuration status added.cs
18-JAN-2010xtt/ge Possibility to configure the tooltip size in Ge graphs.cs
18-JAN-2010wb/plc Toggle button in plc editor for feedback connections.cs
11-JAN-2010src/pwrb Attribute (and method) Photo added to signal objects.cs
11-JAN-2010xtt/xtt Method Photo added to xtt toolbar.cs
11-JAN-2010wb/wb Mysql classvolume databases.cs
11-JAN-2010src/co Set language is prepared for all languages and checks if language is installed.cs
18-DEC-2009wb/wb Bugfix in wb_vrepdb:child().cs
18-DEC-2009wb/wb Bugfix for next cix and next oix in ced.cs
11-DEC-2009src/pwre Format of pwre database changed. Delimiter character changed from : to ;.cs
11-DEC-2009src/rtt rt_rtt runable on sev station to show qcom nodes and qcom applications.cs
09-DEC-2009wb/wb ConnectAttribute method added to SevHist.cs
09-DEC-2009src/co Command line interpreter, command not converted to upper case any more.cs
08-DEC-2009wb/wb Default name for created objects in wtt fetched from name of previous sibling.cs
08-DEC-2009otherio/modbus Modbus TCP Server implemented.cs
08-DEC-2009xtt/xtt New pixmap for weblink in helpwindow.cs
08-DEC-2009wb/wb PostCreate methods for Channels added to set default number and representation.cs
08-DEC-2009xtt/xtt EventSelectList exended to 40 elements.cs
11-NOV-2009abb/- ACS800_1Sim adapted to changed CW function. cs
11-NOV-2009src/gdh Bugfix in nethandler SetObjectInfo and GetObjectInfo.cs
06-NOV-2009xtt/ge Different ways to show hot object added: linewith, light color, dark color.cs
04-NOV-2009wb/wb Build method for WebGraph objects added.cs
04-NOV-2009xtt/glow Fixcolor added to arc properties.cs
03-NOV-2009xtt/xtt Translation and utf8 conversion of search condition in EventLog window fixed.cs
02-NOV-2009xtt/ge Menu items for connections changed to radio items.cs
02-NOV-2009xtt/ge Menu entry to create subgraphs added.cs
30-OCT-2009wb/wb History log in wb.cs
29-OCT-2009xtt/xtt Bugfix in xtt logging, if showfile was activate before logging was terminated, xtt could segfault.cs
29-OCT-2009xtt/xtt Bugfix in xtt logging, restore on attributes of attributeobject didn't work.cs
28-OCT-2009wb/wb Syntax check works again with new check functions, and SyntaxCheck in configurator popup menu.cs
21-OCT-2009wb/wb Crossreferences on channels added.cs
20-OCT-2009src/co wow_CreateList now with variable text size.cs
20-OCT-2009wb/wb Expand/Compress in plc editor on GetATp, GetDTp, StoATp etc.cs
20-OCT-2009xtt/xtt Bugfix in System Messages, zip-files >= version 10 was not opened in the correct order in next/prev file.cs
20-OCT-2009wb/wb New crossreference window and method in wtt.cs
14-OCT-2009src/doc Links in Designer's Guide updated and code format added in html version.cs
05-OCT-2009src/statusmon Change node dialog and language support added. Some documentation.cs
05-OCT-2009src/gdh Bugfix in DetachedVolume. Attaching objects on a remote node didn't work.cs
30-SEP-2009xtt/ge Java compile problems for subgraphs with multiple annotations fixed.cs
16-SEP-2009src/linksup SystemStatus attribute in NodeLinkSup object contains system status of supervised node.cs
16-SEP-2009xtt/xtt New xtt command 'show objectlist /class='.cs
16-SEP-2009src/wbl User and RttConfig merged into OpPlace object. User and RttConfig is now obsolete.cs
16-SEP-2009xtt/xtt Alarm time viewed in operator window.cs
16-SEP-2009xtt/xtt New xtt commands 'create opmenuitem' and 'delete opmenuitem' to modify operator window menu..cs
16-SEP-2009xtt/xtt New operator window layout with menu and status bar.cs
09-SEP-2009src/script New scriptfunction get get the current language, get_language().cs
09-SEP-2009wb/wb Bugfix in Connect wb method, couldn't handle array element attributes.cs
09-SEP-2009src/plc New enumeration type for OpMode in PID mode objects.cs
09-SEP-2009wb/wb Limitation of wb_load files in one directory changed from 500 to 1000.cs
02-SEP-2009xtt/ge Dynamic Invisible works for Int64 and UInt64.cs
02-SEP-2009src/trace Translation of menu to swedish.cs
02-SEP-2009xtt/flow Bugfix in flow, if two objects overlapped, both were moved by the move event.cs
02-SEP-2009wb/plc Compile error for reference to disabled signal (not in template code).cs
28-AUG-2009xtt/xtt Help menu links updated to new Operator's Guide.cs
27-AUG-2009src/doc New Operator's Guide.cs
27-AUG-2009src/convert Bugfix in conversion of png-files to ps and pdf.cs
27-AUG-2009src/co Window to view a text added to wow.cs
11-AUG-2009xtt/xtt Command 'create item' with null destination creaets item on toplevel.cs
10-AUG-2009xtt/xtt Blockwindow: checkbuttons changed to radiobuttons.cs
04-AUG-2009wb/wb Version check at package generation disabled for detached classvolumes.cs
03-AUG-2009wb/wb Bugfix in loading wbload file with objects containing object attributes.cs
01-JUL-2009wb/plc Env variable PWR_EXT_INC added to plc compile command. Replaces pwrp_cmn.cs
30-JUN-2009wb/wb Directory database changed from BerkeleyDb to wb_load format.cs
25-JUN-2009xtt/xtt Blocklist window title was wrong.cs
25-JUN-2009xtt/xtt Bugfix in eventlist, adding event in a full list could cause segfault.cs
23-JUN-2009abb/- ACS800_1: bit 1 and 4 in CW used to stop, previously only bit 1 was used. cs
01-JUN-2009xtt/ge New action: SetValue to set a specified value into an attribute.cs
29-MAY-2009/. Release 4.6.1-1.cs
27-MAY-2009src/doc Getting Started Guide updated.cs
19-MAY-2009xtt/ge Bugfix in fonts for language se_sv.cs
19-MAY-2009src/rtmon New help file for runtime monitor, and pushbutton for reset runtime.cs
18-MAY-2009xtt/xtt Bugfix in xtt termination. Free in wrong order could cause segfault.cs
18-MAY-2009xtt/xtt Advanced user set as default, not set with option -d.cs
18-MAY-2009xtt/xtt More flexible layout of operator buttons. NoFastAvail not used any more.cs
18-MAY-2009wb/wb Advanced user set as default in wb.cs
18-MAY-2009wb/wb Wb method PostRename added and implemented for XttGraph and ProjectReg objects.cs
15-MAY-2009wb/wtt Ctrl/Doubleclick MB1 to insert selected object into an objid attribute also works on attrref attributes.cs
15-MAY-2009wb/wtt Bugfix in ConnectGraph method for PlantHier objects.cs
15-MAY-2009wb/wtt Popup menu on attributes. Methods HelpClass, InsertSelectedObject and ChangeValue added.cs
12-MAY-2009xtt/ge Bugfix in ge editor, navigator palette wasn't destroyed at exit.cs
07-MAY-2009wb/wb Bugfix in directory wizard, for nodenames containing '-' NodeConfig object was not configured correctly.cs
07-MAY-2009wb/adm In projectlist, the project name in a ProjectReg is changed, also the path is changed.cs
06-MAY-2009src/pwrb Bugfix in Max object. Default values were wrong and didn't work for negative input values.cs
06-MAR-2009wb/plc Default include in ra_plc_user.h added. cs
06-MAR-2009wb/wb Crossreferences on Co signals added.cs
06-MAR-2009xtt/xtt Language translation of operator window buttons.cs
05-MAR-2009xtt/xtt Trend method not viewed for $PlantHier with a Trend child object.cs
05-MAR-2009xtt/glow Ge color palette fillcolor,bordercolor and textcolor selection changed.cs
01-MAR-2009otherio/usbio Bugfix for Ai on port B. If Ai and Di/Do were mixed the Ai didn't work.cs
27-FEB-2009xtt/ge Problem with soiled texts fixed.cs
27-FEB-2009xtt/glow Bugfix in scaled option menu close to lower window border. Event coordinate translation was wrong.cs
25-FEB-2009wb/script Script functions GetClassListAttrRef() and GetNextAttrRef() added.cs
25-FEB-2009xtt/xtt Size check of attribute input and float format changed to %g.cs
25-FEB-2009xtt/flow Problem with missing invert circle in postscript plc doc fixed.cs
25-FEB-2009xtt/xtt Ampersand in alarmtext cause a blank alarmtext in operator window.cs
24-FEB-2009wb/wb Error message in class editor if Elements > 1 and arraybit not set in $Attribute added.cs
24-FEB-2009wb/plc Handling of unexpected mousekey combinations in plc editor.cs
24-FEB-2009xtt/flow Navigator items wasn't sensitive and correctly drawn to right window border.cs
24-FEB-2009src/xtthelp New home button in help window.cs
23-FEB-2009wb/plc DataArithm, structdef statement added to DataArithm code.cs
19-FEB-2009xtt/flow Bugfix in connectionpoint selection. Removed node wasn't removed from selection list.cs
19-FEB-2009xtt/ge Bugfix in Ge journal when attribute editor is open on create undo object.cs
18-FEB-2009xtt/glow Bugfix for connection with the same source and destination object.cs
18-FEB-2009wb/plc Bugfix, activating connect function when nothing was selected could cause X exception.cs
18-FEB-2009wb/plc Bugfix, connect from local plant navigator on attribute objects didn't work.cs
29-JAN-2009java/rt GdhServer terminated with error status, not 0, is no WebHandler object was found.cs
28-JAN-2009xtt/xtt Bugfix in alarmlist acknowledge.cs
18-DEC-2008wb/plc Bugfix in flow file. Trace data wasn't stored at change of mode from edit to view.cs
05-DEC-2008/. Release 4.6.0-4.cs
30-NOV-2008xtt/glow Font can be set on node and group level for text and annotations.cs
30-NOV-2008xtt/glow Red error color is not affected by gradient property.cs
28-NOV-2008xtt/glow Metric antialiased fonts, scalable texts, change of fonts for subgraphs.cs
28-NOV-2008xtt/flow Metric antialiased fonts.cs
26-NOV-2008xtt/xtt Method OpenGraph always viewed on XttGraph objects.cs
25-NOV-2008opc/- Bugfix in opc_provider argument check, server identity was not optional.cs
24-NOV-2008src/qcom Quota check for max number of buffered messages in a queue added.cs
21-NOV-2008xtt/ge Dynamic OpenGraph without any object supplied, opens classgraph for object in PopupMenu or HostObject dynamics.cs
20-NOV-2008xtt/ge Functionallity for gradient colors added.cs
10-NOV-2008wb/plc Bugfix in execute order for Set/Res/Sto objects without input or output connection.cs
28-OCT-2008bcomp/bcomp Components BaseActuatorIncrDecr and BaseValveIncrDecr added.cs
24-OCT-2008src/xtthelp New program co_help to view helptexts.cs
24-OCT-2008xtt/flow Bugfix in multiline annotation text height calculation.cs
22-OCT-2008src/convert Xtthelp bookmark on header didn't work after html conversion.cs
17-OCT-2008src/rt Added a few new enumeration types to pwrb (YesNo, TrueFalse).rk
16-OCT-2008otherio/modbus Added more functionality.rk
16-OCT-2008src/rt Changed plc-handling so cycletimes faster tha 1 ms is possible.rk
16-OCT-2008otherio/modbus Added class Modbus_Master.rk
15-OCT-2008src/convert Font TimesNewRoman changed to Times-Roman in postscript generation (TimesNewRoman doesn't seems to be known by all printers).cs
15-OCT-2008src/pwrs New volume class, DetachedClassVolume, added.cs
15-OCT-2008src/convert Conversion of .png files to postscript didn't work.cs
09-OCT-2008wb/script New script functions GetNextFreeUserVid, CheckNewVid and CheckNewVolumeName.cs
09-OCT-2008wb/wb New pages in Configure DirectoryVolume wizard to register a volume and open the database for a volume.cs
09-OCT-2008wb/wb New command 'open database' to open the database for a volume.cs
09-OCT-2008wb/wb New script functions CheckSystemGroup, GetNextFreeUserVid, CheckNewVid, CheckNewVolumeName and GetCurrentVolume.cs
09-OCT-2008wb/wb Qualifier /quiet added to 'save' command to avoid questions when saving directory volume.cs
09-OCT-2008xtt/ge Gtk images for question, info, error and waring added to the Ge image palette.cs
06-OCT-2008xtt/xtt In command 'open graph /object' the qualifier /access can be used.cs
26-SEP-2008ssabox/rt Bugfix for do cards. 16 channels do card couldn't be handled.cs
15-SEP-2008xtt/ge Bugfix in erase location for annotation text in rotated subgraphs.cs
15-SEP-2008src/trend Zero Multiple attribute in DsTrend object caused termination of rt_trend.cs
05-SEP-2008src/qcom Qcom link without nethandler connection implemented. Configuration attribute in FriendNodeConfig object, Connection.cs
05-SEP-2008src/qcom Argument -n added to rt_qmon for start without the presence of rt_neth.cs
05-SEP-2008sev/sev New module for Storage Environment.cs
05-SEP-2008src/pkg New package pwrsev for Storage Environment.cs
03-SEP-2008xtt/ge Bugfix in dynamics. A change of value could be undetected if scan function was interrupted by nethandler.cs
03-SEP-2008src/gdh Error status for subscription caused other subscription to be ignored.cs
26-AUG-2008xtt/ge Bugfix in setting of fonttype in attribute editor.cs
26-AUG-2008xtt/ge Bit type added to dynamics DigLowColor, DigWarning and DigError.cs
26-AUG-2008src/plc Code for CStoExtXxx was missing, except for Float32.cs
26-JUN-2008src/pwrb Bit AuthorizedKeysFile added to type DistrComponentMask.cs
26-JUN-2008wb/wb authorized_keys file included in distribution.cs
26-JUN-2008src/pwrb Functionobject GetDataInput added. This makes it possible to define data inputs in a function object class with template plc code.cs
24-JUN-2008wb/wb Secure distribution using scp and ssh instead of ftp and rsh implemented.cs
24-JUN-2008src/co pwr_user: command 'login' added. Write access disabled without administrator privilege.cs
24-JUN-2008src/pwrb In class User, attribute UserName set constant, and Password removed.cs
24-JUN-2008src/pwrb In class NodeConfig, attribute RemoteAccessType added.cs
23-JUN-2008java/rt Default privileges and system group fetched from Security object (DefaultWebPriv and WebSystemGroup).cs
23-JUN-2008java/rt Password encryption class added.cs
23-JUN-2008src/rtt Login with Proview username and password required. Commands 'login' and 'logout' added.cs
23-JUN-2008src/co New user database format and password encryption changed.cs
23-JUN-2008src/pwrs System object changed to RtReadOnly.cs
23-JUN-2008src/pwrs Security object added.cs
23-JUN-2008xtt/xtt Login window in xtt added, opened with command 'login', from menu and at startup. Also commands 'show user' and 'logout' added.cs
23-JUN-2008xtt/xtt New login policy in Xtt: DefaultXttPriv and XttUseOpsysUser in Security object utilized to select user and privilges in xtt.cs
23-JUN-2008src/rt $ClassDef flag RtReadOnly implemented for objects that is not writeable in runtime.cs
05-JUN-2008src/convert Bugfix in enum for bitmask TypeDef, bit 32 was written as signed int (negative) in generated includefile.cs
04-JUN-2008xtt/xtt Default filetype added to command 'open fileview' (qualifier /ftype).cs
03-JUN-2008src/init Areaobject size is dependent of number of signals, i.e. there is no upper limit in number of signals any more.cs
03-JUN-2008src/gdh Dynamic array attribute size implemented.cs
03-JUN-2008xtt/xtt Arrays with dynamic size, e.g. areaobjects, can be viewed in xtt.cs
02-JUN-2008src/pwrb General array objects added: AArray100, DArray100, IArray100, SArray100, AArray500, DArray500, IArray500 and SArray500.cs
02-JUN-2008xtt/web LoadArchives attribute in WebHandler change from bitmask to string.cs
02-JUN-2008xtt/ge Objectgraph for Mode: MinSet/MaxSet and MinOut/MaxOut used for slider limits and input limits.cs
02-JUN-2008bcomp/bcomp Objectgraph for CompMode: MinSet/MaxSet and MinOut/MaxOut used for slider limits and input limits.cs
02-JUN-2008wb/wb Template for application file and .opt file automatically created.cs
30-MAY-2008wb/wb En_us used for local time formats.cs
29-MAY-2008wb/wb New command 'create crossreferencefiles' replaces 'create rttfiles'.cs
29-MAY-2008xtt/xtt Bugfix in display object, didn't work for local mounted volumes, and attributes in subclasses wasn't selected.cs
28-MAY-2008wb/wb New crossreference list format.cs
23-MAY-2008src/trace Bugfix in trace attributes GetAi, GetAv etc. Analyse node didn't work and tooltip text wasn't correct.cs
14-MAY-2008src/co '$$' in filenames are replaced by PID.cs
13-MAY-2008xtt/ge Delete added to menu, accelerator Ctrl+D moved from show grid to delete.cs
13-MAY-2008xtt/ge Journal file and undo/redo implemented.cs
05-MAY-2008xtt/brow Min and maxvalues for scrollbar adjusted.cs
05-MAY-2008xtt/xtt Command 'show graph' opens graphs without scrollbar.cs
30-APR-2008xtt/ge Loaded Subgraphs: 'set all intern' added to menu.cs
30-APR-2008src/rt Message to transfer a file list added to nethandler protocol.cs
29-APR-2008wb/wb Problems with lost selection when command input is opened fixed.cs
29-APR-2008wb/wb Default thread object set in PlcPgm object at creation time.cs
29-APR-2008wb/wb Syntax check in GlobalVolumeList added.cs
29-APR-2008xtt/ge Problem with initial color palette scrollbar size fixed.cs
28-APR-2008/. Release 4.5.0-5.cs
25-APR-2008nmps/wbl Plc classes DataFRead and DataFWrite added.cs
25-APR-2008src/rt_bck Increased number of possible backup segments.rk
25-APR-2008xtt/xtt New commands 'write object' and 'read object'.cs
25-APR-2008xtt/xtt New Fileview to read data from file or to save data to file.cs
18-APR-2008wb/wb Config file for BerkeleyDb with lk_max_locks and lk_max_objects (db.cnf).cs
14-APR-2008wb/wb Bugfix in build volume, crossreferences wasn't updated.cs
14-APR-2008xtt/ge Dynamic DigCommand added.cs
14-APR-2008src/doc Object overview added to Object Reference Manual.cs
11-APR-2008src/rt Fixed bug in subc_ActivateList when subscribing from several nodes.rk
08-APR-2008xtt/glow Ge connections routing not sensitive for other nodes.cs
08-APR-2008xtt/xtt Format check added in Value dynamics.cs
08-APR-2008xtt/ge Connections menu added in gtk version.cs
07-APR-2008wb/wb Stolen database lock detected and save inhibited.cs
04-APR-2008bcomp/bcomp Connections replaced with lines in graphs to enable usage in subwindows.cs
03-APR-2008xtt/flow Bugfix for unbalanced paranthesis in pdf texts.cs
03-APR-2008wb/wb New command 'print/pdf/all' to print all plcpgm's to pdf-files. Also a html file with links to the files is written.cs
01-APR-2008xtt/xtt Bugfix in Jop, java process stopped at termination of xtt.cs
27-MAR-2008src/rt_bck Backup always on attribute-level instead of object-level.rk
27-MAR-2008src/rt Changed layout on backup-file.rk
20-MAR-2008xtt/ge Bugfix in position and size of option menu near lower window border.cs
18-MAR-2008wb/wb Bugfix in cast. Internal references wasn't updated correctly.cs
18-MAR-2008othermanu/- Danfoss FC300 frequency converter with PPO3 or PPO5 profibus protocal added.cs
18-MAR-2008abb/- ACS800 frequency converter with PPO3 or PPO5 profibus protocol added.cs
17-MAR-2008bcomp/bcomp General Frequencyconverter classes for Profibus PPO5 and PPO3 protocol, with motor, fan and pump aggregates.cs
14-MAR-2008java/jop Bugfix in integer format conversion.cs
05-MAR-2008xtt/ge Min and MaxValue in ValueInput for DeltaTimes added.cs
04-MAR-2008wb/wb Plc with GetXp or StoXp references to objects in other volumes caused compilation errors.cs
29-FEB-2008profibus/- I/O-handling routines generalized and some routines moved to rt_io_bus.crk
29-FEB-2008src/rt New generalized i/o-routines for reading and writing to card.rk
29-FEB-2008otherio/modbus New I/O-system for Modbus TCP implemented.rk
29-FEB-2008src/rt New status-messages added for Modbus-I/O.rk
27-FEB-2008xtt/xtt Problems with initial scrollbar settings fixed.cs
26-FEB-2008ssabox/rt Read method for co-card changed with double reading of high word (24-bit only).cs
26-FEB-2008wb/wb Popupmenu in palette wasn't implemented in gtk version.cs
26-FEB-2008src/help New functions in Help window: next and previous topic. Toolbar added.cs
22-FEB-2008bcomp/bcomp CompModePid: Input limit for setvalue in object graph fetched from MinSet and MaxSet.cs
22-FEB-2008wb/wb Locale set to us_EN to avoid comma in floatvalues in wb_load files.cs
22-FEB-2008wb/wb Check that volumeid is in valid range added to directory volume save.cs
22-FEB-2008wb/wb Spreedsheet editorn: previous value inserted in input field.cs
06-FEB-2008src/statussrv Loopback address used for local node.cs
28-JAN-2008src/co Project local translationstables for translation of texts in Ge graphs implemented.cs
28-JAN-2008xtt/ge Problems with bad performance when scrolling from navigator window fixed.cs
25-JAN-2008src/qcom New argument in qcom_WaitOr to return received event.cs
24-JAN-2008nmps/applmir Lock added for NMps cells to avoid inconsistency in application mirror.cs
23-JAN-2008xtt/ge Subscription initiation optimized in ge graph.cs
22-JAN-2008src/pwrb Attributes PresMinLimit and PresMaxLimit added to Ii and Io.cs
21-JAN-2008src/pwrb MoreText added to DSup, ASup and CycleSup, and to mh protocol.cs
21-JAN-2008xtt/op Operator window is popped when new alarm is received.cs
18-JAN-2008src/trace Object description viewed as tooltip in trace. Also $PlcMain and $PlcFo translated and viewed in tooltip.cs
18-JAN-2008xtt/flow Tooltip added to flow.cs
18-JAN-2008xtt/xtt PlcConnect item in popupmenu for connected functionobject wasn't displayed in gtk version.cs
17-JAN-2008xtt/ge Export PlcFo added, drawing of plc function objects in Ge.cs
17-JAN-2008wb/wb Graphmethod 12 added, to read functionobjects drawn in Ge.cs
16-JAN-2008xtt/xtt Input of national characters in Ge graph didn't work in gtk version.cs
15-JAN-2008xtt/glow Bugfix in tooltip position in window objects.cs
15-JAN-2008xtt/xtt Graphs and other files listed in alphabetical order.cs
15-JAN-2008wb/wb DataName not reset when ASup, DsTrend or DsFast object moved.cs
15-JAN-2008bcomp/bcomp Bugfix in BaseMotorAggr. Backup on runningtime object didn't work.cs
15-JAN-2008profibus/- Reading of Di, Ai and Ii can be disabled by setting ConversionOn in channel object to 0.cs
14-JAN-2008src/doc New chapter Class Editor in Designer's Guide.cs
21-DEC-2007wb/wb Opening of buffers from menu in gtk version didn't work.cs
21-DEC-2007src/ini Pwrp_alias-file: conversion to upper case removed, and adapted to multiple attribute segments in object name.cs
20-DEC-2007otherio/usbio Methods and objects for MotionControl USB I/O added.cs
20-DEC-2007xtt/glow Bugfix in java generator for rounded rectangles without fill, which caused exception in java vm.cs
11-DEC-2007profibus/mmi Added supgraph mcomp_pb_dp_slave.rk
06-DEC-2007wb/wb Objid stored at compilation of Template Fo windows.cs
05-DEC-2007profibus/- ChanDi and ChanDo inverts value if InvertOn set on channel.rk
05-DEC-2007src/wbl Symbols INT_MAX, INT_MIN, FLT_MAX and FLT_MIN added.cs
03-DEC-2007src/trace Open Subwindow (Ctrl/L) added to menu in trace.cs
03-DEC-2007opc/- Bugfix in Opc Server, subscription on string variable could cause segfault.cs
02-DEC-2007otherio/- New classvolume and module for I/O systems added.cs
30-NOV-2007xtt/ge Type graph for UInt32 added.cs
29-NOV-2007src/init ActualValue pointer and ValueIndex in signals restored after load of backup, i.e. backup of whole signal object is possible.cs
27-NOV-2007/. Release 4.4.4-5.cs
23-NOV-2007src/rt Bugfix in subc_ActivateList. Subscriptions where not refreshed when remote node restarted. Affects rt_neth_acp.rk
16-NOV-2007profibus/- Bugfix in Profibus configurator, ExtUserPrmData for slave, default values where not set.cs
16-NOV-2007profibus/- Bugfix in Profibus configurator, additional ExtUserPrmDataConst was not handled correctly.cs
15-NOV-2007remote/tcpip Fixed several bugs when acting as server.rk
05-NOV-2007wb/wb Plc plant navigator, objects without children and object attributes can be opened with Shift/Right key.cs
05-NOV-2007wb/wb Bugfix in plc plant navigator, attribute objects with disable attribute couldn't be opened.cs
05-NOV-2007wb/wb Copy with the ingnore switch, replaces unknown classes with $ClassLost.cs
05-NOV-2007wb/wb Symbolic references are not cleared by copy.cs
31-OCT-2007bcomp/bcomp Bugfix in object graphs for CompPID and CompModePID. Linkage to user and local removed.cs
30-OCT-2007src/wbl Plc classes for bitwise shift, rotate and invert added.cs
30-OCT-2007bcomp/bcomp ConfigureComponent method also viewed for pointed but not selected object.cs
29-OCT-2007src/trend DsTrend object attributes with disabled parent wasn't ignored.cs
29-OCT-2007src/gdh gdh_ArefDisabled checks if there is a disable attribute.cs
25-OCT-2007wb/wb Command paste/toplevel, to paste a buffer when wb is empty, added.cs
25-OCT-2007wb/wb Bugfix in paste/keepoid. Nextoix in volumeobject wasn't updated.cs
19-OCT-2007wb/wb Bugfix in UpdateClasses, modified object attributes classes wasn't detected if modification date of the main class was later.cs
19-OCT-2007wb/wb Command 'wb load/noindex' wasn't implemented in V4.cs
18-OCT-2007xtt/xtt Sensitivity setting of method buttons in xtt toolbar delayed to speed up selection with arrow keys.cs
17-OCT-2007xtt/flow Problems with poor scrolling performance in gtk version fixed.cs
16-OCT-2007xtt/ge Time format in dynamic Value added: %4t date only and %5t compressed date.cs
15-OCT-2007wb/wb Bugfix in UpdateClasses, references to attributes in attribute objects wasn't updated.cs
15-OCT-2007src/wbl Plc classes Demux and IDemux added (demultiplexers).cs
12-OCT-2007wb/plc Bugfix, CArea function object inside CArea could segfault.cs
09-OCT-2007src/wbl Plc classes to get and store indirect data added.cs
09-OCT-2007src/wbl Plc classes IpDistribute and IpCollect added.cs
08-OCT-2007othermanu/- Eurotherm TC3001 tyristor unit added.cs
08-OCT-2007profibus/- ChanIi with name starting with Diag_ fetches value from diagnostic area.cs
07-OCT-2007wb/wb Build button in class editor toolbar builds volume instead of node.cs
01-OCT-2007bcomp/bcomp Attribute DisableSup added to most Fo object to suppress alarm messages.cs
26-SEP-2007wb/utl Listdescriptor search also searches for attribute objects.cs
25-SEP-2007src/doc Template plc-code for base components viewed as pdf-files in object reference manual.cs
25-SEP-2007xtt/flow Functionallity to print pdf-files added.cs
21-SEP-2007src/rt Changed qcom synch-mechanism from futex to interprocess mutex/cond-var.rk
21-SEP-2007wb/plc Change of template plc wasn't always detected at compilation.cs
19-SEP-2007src/wbl New class XyCurve to view a curve of points with x,y coordiantes.cs
19-SEP-2007wb/wb Defaultvalues inserted into template objects when new attribute objects are added to a class.cs
18-SEP-2007src/wbl New systemclass $ClassLost to replace lost classes.cs
18-SEP-2007wb/wb Lost classes replaced with $ClassLost when reading wb_load file.cs
18-SEP-2007wb/wb More syntax control added to class editor.cs
17-SEP-2007java/jop Support for XY-curves.cs
17-SEP-2007wb/plc Bugfix, reference connections could not be set in gtk.cs
17-SEP-2007java/rt Gdh functions GetObjectInfoFloatArray and GetObjectInfoIntArray added.cs
12-SEP-2007xtt/ge Component and dynamic for xy-curve added.cs
06-SEP-2007src/statussrv Functionality to view userstatus added.cs
05-SEP-2007wb/utl Bugfix in listdescriptor. Superclass attributes where not printed.cs
05-SEP-2007wb/wb Bugfix in ldh_GetClassListAttrRef, success status was returned though list was empty.cs
05-SEP-2007src/doc New Guide to I/O Systems.cs
04-SEP-2007xtt/glow Property Fix position added to rectangles and polylines.cs
27-AUG-2007wb/wtt Objects in the navigator beneath a MountObject are viewed with classes from their dbs-file.cs
24-AUG-2007wb/wb Bugfix in WbEnvironment object, only the first nine pathes were used.cs
23-AUG-2007wb/nav Mounted volumes wasn't displayed in the Ge plant navigator.cs
22-AUG-2007xtt/glow Bugfix in text drawing. Minimal text size could cause segfault.cs
21-AUG-2007src/convert Template with includes inserted at structfile generation.cs
21-AUG-2007xtt/xtt Console log viewing last page when opened.cs
20-AUG-2007xtt/glow Problems with the three first colors of the palette as backgroundcolor fixed.cs
20-AUG-2007xtt/glow Grid drawing improved.cs
20-JUL-2007nmps/celldisp Int16 attributes in CellDisp with suffix ##Int16 in attributename.cs
20-JUL-2007java/rt MhServer didn't terminate at qcom termination message.cs
20-JUL-2007java/rt HistServer didn't listen to qcom termination message.cs
20-JUL-2007src/co Listwidgets: Doubleclick and Enter activates a row.cs
17-JUL-2007wb/plc Select next object with Ctrl/Arrow keys. Expand/Compress object moved to Shift/Up and Shift/Down.cs
17-JUL-2007xtt/ge Select next object with Ctrl/Arrow keys.cs
15-JUL-2007xtt/glow Problems in window objects with alternating doublebuffering enabled/disabled fixed.cs
13-JUL-2007wb/wb Bugfix in rttfiles generation. Arrays of attributeobjects larger than 20 elements caused segfault.cs
12-JUL-2007wb/wb Bugfix in Update Classes. All attribute references wasn't updated.cs
06-JUL-2007/. Release 4.4.2-1.cs
05-JUL-2007xtt/xtt Bugfix in logging, parameters with array index couldn't be restored from saved entry.cs
05-JUL-2007xtt/glow Bugfix in connections, ConGlue wasn't snapped to grid and connection wasn't drawn when created.cs
04-JUL-2007xtt/ge Circuitdiagram symbols added.cs
04-JUL-2007xtt/glow Subgraph name size increased from 32 to 80 characters.cs
29-JUN-2007xtt/ge New buttons in tools panel for scale double size and half size.cs
29-JUN-2007xtt/ge New ventilation subgraphs added.cs
29-JUN-2007xtt/ge New helpentry for subgraphs and help popup menu in subgraph palette.cs
29-JUN-2007xtt/glow Documentation block added to pwg file.cs
29-JUN-2007src/convert Generation of xtthelp file from pwg files.cs
29-JUN-2007src/doc Subgraph documentation (Graphic Symbol Library) in xtthelp, pdf and html.cs
18-JUN-2007wb/wb 'Copy Selected Tree'->'Before' and 'Last Child' didn't work.cs
15-JUN-2007bcomp/bcomp New components for filter, damper and three way valve.cs
15-JUN-2007xtt/glow Bug fix in connection direction for objects both rotated and mirrored.cs
15-JUN-2007wb/wb Bugfix, remaining selection clear event after in palette and plant navigator could cause segfault.cs
12-JUN-2007xtt/glow Fixcolor added to polyline properties.cs
05-JUN-2007wb/distr Bugfix, distribute to specified bootnode didn't work.cs
01-JUN-2007opc/- Problems with national characters fixed.cs
01-JUN-2007src/com Stub for Xtt helpfile is created when project a is created.cs
01-JUN-2007profibus/- Bugfix, opening Profibus Configurator with empty gsdfile attribute caused segfault.cs
01-JUN-2007opc/- Problems with memory leakage fixed.cs
28-MAY-2007wb/wb Bugfix in attrref conversion, attrref to single attribute objects cs
28-MAY-2007nmps/bck Env variable allowed in backup filename.cs
28-MAY-2007wb/plc Bugfix, DSup and ASup attribute wasn't updated if the connection was changed.cs
28-MAY-2007remote/logg Env variable allowed in remotelogg filename.cs
25-MAY-2007src/statussrv New soap request to open runtime monitor.cs
24-MAY-2007java/jop More c-printf compatible output format implemented.cs
22-MAY-2007xtt/glow Support for center and right alignment of texts also in java.cs
21-MAY-2007xtt/statusmon Xtt and operator place can be opened from from status monitor.cs
21-MAY-2007/. Release 4.4.1-1.cs
21-MAY-2007src/statussrv New soap request to open xtt.cs
18-MAY-2007ssabox/rt Added i/o swap-method to avoid stall during warm restart.rk
18-MAY-2007src/rt Added new i/o swap-method to avoid stall during warm restart.rk
18-MAY-2007profibus/- Added io-method IoAgentSwap to keep driver initialized during warm restart.rk
16-MAY-2007src/co New Runtime Monitor to start and monitor runtime env on local node.cs
16-MAY-2007xtt/xtt Switch -s in rt_xtt (gtk only): an opplace can be choosen from a list.cs
16-MAY-2007wb/wtt New tools menu with Runtime Monitor and Supervision Center (gtk only). could be interpreted as attrref to whole object.cs
16-MAY-2007src/co New Status Monitor to supervise status of stations via webservice. cs
10-MAY-2007xtt/flow Colored rectangles are still colored at inverse drawing.cs
08-MAY-2007src/rt Webservice handling system status requests implemented.cs
07-MAY-2007xtt/ge Problems with national characters in ge text fixed.cs
07-MAY-2007xtt/ge Support for fonts Times, NC Schoolbook and Courier.cs
04-MAY-2007src/co Problems with input focus crash for iconified motif windows fixed.cs
03-MAY-2007xtt/xtt Bugfix in command 'open graph /access'.cs
02-MAY-2007siemens/mmi Added object graphs for classes Siemens_DiagRepeater and Siemens_DR_SegmStatus.rk
01-MAY-2007/. Release 4.4.0-1.cs
30-APR-2007profibus/- Changed status handling of Profibus slaves so that correct view of the world is given.rk
30-APR-2007ssabox/rt Changed error handling so that sporadic error are allowed and does not cause system to haltrk
26-APR-2007xtt/glow Bugfix in imageobject, image was not always freed when graph was closed.cs
26-APR-2007profibus/- Added gsd-file si0380a7.gsd, for Siemens Diagnostic Repeater.rk
26-APR-2007siemens/rt Added IO-method's for Siemens_DiagRepeater.rk
26-APR-2007siemens/wbl New profibus slave classe for Siemens Diagnostic Repeater, pwr_sClass_Siemens_DiagRepeater.rk
25-APR-2007xtt/ge Bit type added in DigColor to view bits in a bitmap.cs
24-APR-2007src/wbl New plc classes for Get end CSto of attributes in externvolumes. cs
24-APR-2007src/wbl New types Int64 and UInt64.cs
24-APR-2007src/rt NULL argument for subid in gdh_RefObjectInfo allowed.cs
24-APR-2007opc/- Opc XML/DA server and client.cs
19-APR-2007wb/wtt Script functions GetClassList and GetNextObject added.cs
17-APR-2007wb/wtt Bugfix in plc connect, attribute reference to an object in a mounted voume had incorrect size. cs
17-APR-2007src/co Locale set when language is set.cs
17-APR-2007src/rt Bugfix in mvol_ArefToAttribute, an attribute name was returned for attrref refering whole object.cs
02-APR-2007xtt/ge Dyntype invisible works also for attributes of type Float32.cs
27-MAR-2007xtt/ge Problems with national characters in ge attribute editor fixed.cs
27-MAR-2007xtt/ge Bugfix in navigator window, drawing attempt in zero buffer removed.cs
27-MAR-2007wb/wb wb_motif: Window utility object was deleted before License window was closed.cs
02-MAR-2007wb/wtt Bugfix in object editor, Used checkbox affected wrong input in some cases (C Order).cs
01-MAR-2007opc/- New module opc.cs
22-FEB-2007wb/wb Bugfix in build method for XttGraph. Java was always generated if the javaname for the graph wasn't saved.cs
21-FEB-2007xtt/xtt Problems with national characters in alarmtext in operator window fixed.cs
21-FEB-2007wb/wtt Bugfix in input focus when value input was closed.cs
19-FEB-2007profibus/- Bugfix in ExtUserPrmDataConst.cs
09-FEB-2007/. Release 4.3.0-1.cs
09-FEB-2007profibus/- Bugfix in Ext_User_Prm_Data_Len.cs
07-FEB-2007profibus/- Adapted I/O routines to work with new driver for Softing Profiboard. Incorporated driver API from Softing to work with new Softing driver. Added diagnostics infomation to pwr_sClass_Pb_DP_Slave-class.rk
06-FEB-2007wb/wb Bugfix in volumereferences in loadfiles. Casted attributes wasn't always checked.cs
30-JAN-2007java/web Button for Eventlog in operators menu added.cs
30-JAN-2007java/jop Default background color in GeTextField changed from Inherit to lightgrey.cs
30-JAN-2007xtt/web _opwin removed from homepage name. index.html set as defaultname.cs
30-JAN-2007bcomp/bcomp New components for On/Off burner control, CompOnOffBurner and CompOnOffZone.cs
30-JAN-2007src/wbl Attribute LoadArchives added to WebHandler with new type WebLoadArchiveMask.cs
30-JAN-2007src/init Process rt_webmonelog (web eventlog server) added to startup.cs
30-JAN-2007xtt/web Possibility to configure which objectgraph jar-files that should be loaded (BaseComponent or ABB).cs
29-JAN-2007java/web Bugfix in dynamic HostObject in web interface.cs
25-JAN-2007xtt/ev Problem with double appearence of alarm when communication is bad fixed.cs
24-JAN-2007wb/wtt Application build method for Application and PlcProcess objects. cs
24-JAN-2007wb/plc 'Create Object' added to the Plc Editor popupmenu.cs
24-JAN-2007src/io Check at io startup if multiple signals are connected to the same channel.cs
24-JAN-2007wb/wb Click time increated for MB2 (create object) in wtt.cs
24-JAN-2007src/wbl Attribute BuildCmd moved/added to Application and PlcProcess.cs
23-JAN-2007wb/wb Connect methods for GetATv, StoAtv, CStoATv, GetDTv etc added.cs
23-JAN-2007xtt/xtt Bugfix in remtrans table. If multicast object found, object was not displayed. cs
23-JAN-2007wb/wb Bugfix in trace attribute for GetIpToA.cs
17-JAN-2007xtt/ge Property EscapeStore for dynamic type ValueInput added.cs
16-JAN-2007wb/plc Mouse Scroll events added.cs
16-JAN-2007xtt/xtt Toolbar with icons for the methods of the selected object added.cs
16-JAN-2007src/trace Mouse Scroll events added.cs
15-JAN-2007xtt/curve Scroll and zoom with arrow keys and mouse wheel. Scroll buttons in tools. cs
12-JAN-2007src/trace Gtk version of rt_trace. Navigator window inserted in main window.cs
12-JAN-2007xtt/ge Fileview for import of pwg and image files.cs
12-JAN-2007xtt/xtt Gtk version of xtt.cs
12-JAN-2007wb/wb Gtk version of wb.cs
12-JAN-2007xtt/xtt Nodename displayed i Xtt title.cs
12-JAN-2007xtt/xtt Font size in alarmtexts in operator window can be changed.cs
12-JAN-2007xtt/xtt New syntax for function key definition file (gtk version).cs
10-OCT-2006wb/pkg Support for bootnodes added, i.e. copying of package to other nodes than the actual process or operator station.cs
05-SEP-2006src/rt_tmon Established new callback function for glibc malloc memory checks.rk
05-SEP-2006src/plc Wait for all threads to set its priority before changing real and effective user id.rk
05-SEP-2006src/rt_qmon Wait a while for correct scheduler to be set before starting threads.rk
30-AUG-2006src/convert Attribute changed from enum to mask or v.v. was not converted.cs
22-AUG-2006wb/wb Performance improved when opening a node, and displaying the packages in the distributor.cs
27-JUL-2006wb/plc Execute order was not displayed on aarithm objects and other objects with graphmethod 2.cs
27-JUL-2006bcomp/bcomp Defaultvalue for BasePressureSensor.Trend.DataName corrected.cs
25-JUL-2006profibus/- Byte order dependency added for PRM data in profibus configurator.cs
20-JUL-2006src/init Try with smaller posix message queue if system does not support big queues.rk
13-JUL-2006src/rt Bugfix in classcache for large classes.rk
13-JUL-2006src/init Volume versioncheck for volref removed if volume is not yet loaded.rk
12-JUL-2006abb/- ABB_ACS800_Slave: IORack bit was missing.cs
11-JUL-2006wb/utl Bugfix in rtt crossreference list. Individual attributes were listed in RttObjectList.cs
03-JUL-2006wb/plc Bugfix in GetSp: short string could cause compile problems. cs
30-JUN-2006src/wbl Listdescriptor for channellist adapted to V4.x.cs
29-JUN-2006wb/plc Bugfix: CStoIp, StoIp, StoAToIp and CStoAToIp with In-input not connected, did not fetch the supplied value.cs
29-JUN-2006xtt/ge Format for Time and DeltaTime in table added.cs
28-JUN-2006xtt/glow Adjustment property (Left/Right/Center) added to annotations and table object.cs
28-JUN-2006xtt/ge New Value, ValueInput and Button subgraphs with Right and Center adjustment.cs
27-JUN-2006bcomp/bcomp Hysteresis in object graph for BaseSensor and subclasses displayed wrong value.cs
15-JUN-2006xtt/xtt Object attributes channels and signals displayed in Device table.cs
15-JUN-2006wb/plc Search string didn't search in AttrRef attributes.cs
07-JUN-2006wb/wb Bugfix in wb_name, segment(0) returned invalid name for root objects.cs
30-MAY-2006bcomp/bcomp Local mode added to CompModeDM and BaseMValve.cs
30-MAY-2006wb/wtt Bugfix: change text without selecting any text object caused segfault.cs
30-MAY-2006wb/wb UpdateClasses also converts the input and output masks in function objects.cs
24-MAY-2006xtt/ge Property for selected cell color in GrowTable.cs
24-MAY-2006wb/wb StructName in ObjBodyDef inserted in PostCreate method.cs
24-MAY-2006wb/wtt Bugfix in classeditor. Change of classname caused unidentified class of the template object of the class.cs
23-MAY-2006src/pwrb New class GetDatap added, to fetch datainputs in template plc.cs
22-MAY-2006bcomp/bcomp New classes CompPID and CompModePID: PID controller divided in main object and function object.cs
22-MAY-2006xtt/ge Bugfix for $user attributes. Scan function for dynamics wasn't called. cs
22-MAY-2006wb/wtt Update Class added in menu, and new commands: 'update classes' and 'check classes'.cs
19-MAY-2006wb/wb Update of instance objects when a class is modified (without reload).lw
16-MAY-2006xtt/ge Possibility to use local database in DigLowColor, ToggleDig, Slider insensitiv, and Invisible.cs
16-MAY-2006xtt/ge Object instances can be used in graphs in Window and Folder objects.cs
16-MAY-2006xtt/ge Bit type added in Invisible to check visibility on bits in a bitmap.cs
16-MAY-2006src/wbl Attribute ManMode added to Mode class, to avoid code in object graph.cs
16-MAY-2006xtt/glow Owner added to GrowWindow and GrowFolder.cs
12-MAY-2006src/rt Conversion between different versions av classes handles conversion from Objid to AttrRef and from AttrRef to Objid.cs
11-MAY-2006src/wbl Possibility to freeze dbs versions, i.e. minor changes can be made without version mismatch.cs
11-MAY-2006xtt/ge Bugfix in Ge Open window, null filename could cause empty list.cs
11-MAY-2006wb/wtt Build Node window is not displayed if there is only one configured node for the current volume. Submenu on Build removed.cs
09-MAY-2006profibus/- Added some commentation. Fixed bug in pb_ai and pb_di. 3-byte input where not properly aligned when byte swapping.cj
09-MAY-2006bcomp/bcomp Attribute DisableAlarm added to CompLimit to make it possible to use the limit supervision in BaseSensor without alarm.cs
08-MAY-2006wb/wtt References in superclass was not displayed in the navigator when option Object Reference or Attribute Reference was selected.cs
05-MAY-2006wb/wtt Separate ld_node file for each node. Possibility to configure a FriendNode object under a NodeConfig object.cs
04-MAY-2006siemens/wbl New profibus module classes for ET200M, and slave classes for IM153 and IM155cs
02-MAY-2006src/pwrb New signals for absolute and delta time, and plc objects for time arithmetics added.cs
02-MAY-2006src/co Bugfix in time_Dcomp, 0 was not returned for equal times.cs
26-APR-2006wb/plc Bugfix in GetData compilation, error when referenced parameter was a type (not a class) not handled.cs
26-APR-2006wb/plc Bugfix in dataarithm compilation, space at end of line could cause error.cs
31-MAR-2006wb/wtt Configuration wizard started when entering an empty directoryvolume.cs
31-MAR-2006wb/wtt Build methods added. 'Compile', 'create loadfile' and 'create bootfile' replaced by 'build object', 'build volume' and 'build node'. 'build object', 'build volume' and 'build node' also available as wtt commands.cs
31-MAR-2006wb/wtt Copy with keep references added to wtt menu.cs
31-MAR-2006src/pwrs Modified attribute added to RootVolume, SubVolume and SharedVolume.cs
31-MAR-2006xtt/glow Bugfix in annotation input. Insert of new characters might cause segmentation fault.cs
17-MAR-2006src/rt_tmon Cleaning (zero-ing) of timed out subscription data.rk
17-MAR-2006src/qcom Replaces old unsent subscriptions with new fresh ones.rk
17-MAR-2006src/qcom Changed interface to qcom_Put. Added attributes msg_id and prio in qcom_sPut structure.rk
07-MAR-2006xtt/gedyn Subscription for Table (select array) and AnalogColor was not always unreferenced.cs
27-FEB-2006wb/wnav Check before creating a toplevel object if class is a valid in the current window.cs
27-FEB-2006profibus/- Changelog created.cs
27-FEB-2006xtt/xtt Command for collect remove and collect remove/clear in menu.cs
27-FEB-2006siemens/- Changelog created.cs
23-FEB-2006wb/wnav New wizard for configuration of directory volume.cs
22-FEB-2006src/convert Bookmark inserted for every attribute in class xtthelp.cs
22-FEB-2006src/xtthelp Bugfix, bookmark in xtthelp was case sensitive.cs
21-FEB-2006wb/wnav Popupmenu for object with DevBody only could not be opened.cs
21-FEB-2006wb/ldh Bugfix. Unhandled exception in DeleteObject and DeleteTree if not in edit mode.cs
20-FEB-2006src/script 'delete' statement added to remove external variables.cs
20-FEB-2006src/script '#' alternative to '!' for comment in script.cs
20-FEB-2006wb/script New script functions SetAttribute, OpenGraph, CloseGraph, SetSubwindow and CheckSystemGroup.cs
20-FEB-2006wb/wnav New commands: open graph, delete graph, set subwindow and release subwindow.cs
20-FEB-2006xtt/ge Connect to script extern variables in Value, Invisible, SetDig, ToggleDig, DigShift and OptionMenu.cs
19-FEB-2006wb/wnav WGe, new class to open Ge graphs in development environment.cs
19-FEB-2006xtt/gedyn Bugfix in GeValue: string was sometimes updated every scan.cs