Class BaseFcPPO3PbModule
Version 1.0
Modified 13-MAR-2008 14:08:47.32
 Profibus module to BaseFcPPO3 with protocol PPO3.

 The object is created by the profibus configurator under a
 Pb_Dp_Slave object in the node hierarchy. Select BaseFcPPO3PbModule
 as Module Class in the profibus configurator.

 Connect the module object to an object of class or subclass of
 BaseFcPPO3 with the IoConnect method.

 The BaseFcPPO3 object displays the current and torque values, which
 should be configured to the process data PZD3 and PZD4 from the

Module object
 The yellow area shows the most important channels.

 Control word CW

 Bit   Name          Function

 0     OFF1          On if bit is 1. Stop with ramp if bit is 0.
 1     OFF2          Coasted stop if bit is 0.
 2     OFF3          Emergency stop if bit is 0.
 3     ENABLE        Operation enabled if bit is 1.
 4     RAMP ZERO     The output of the ramp generator is forced to zero i bit is 0.
 5     RAMP HOLD     The output of the ramp generator is frozen if bit is 0.
 6     RAMP IN-ZERO  The input of the ramp generator is forced to zero when bit is 0.
 7     RESET         Reset tripped converter if value is 1.
 8     -             See PPO protocol.
 9     -             See PPO protocol.
 10    REMOTE CMD    Request for remote control via Profibus.
 11    -             See PPO protocol.
 12-15 RESERVED      Device specific.

 Status word SW

 Big   Name           Function

 0     READY ON       Ready to switch on.
 1     READY RUN      Ready to run.
 2     READY REF      Started, drive follows setpoint.
 3     TRIPPED        Converter is tripped.
 4     OFF2           Coasted stop activated.
 5     OFF3           Emergency stop activated.
 6     INHIBITED      Switching on inhibited.
 7     ALARM          Warning present, drive is not stopped.
 8     AT_SETPOINT    Speed error within tolerance range.
 10    REMOTE         Converter in remote control via Profibus.
 11    -              See PPO protocol.
 12    -              See PPO protocol.
 13-14 RESERVED       Device specific
 15    -              See PPO protocol.

 NoteThere are manufacturers with another interpretation of the PPO protocol.
 The BaseFcPPO3 object might not fully work with these converters.


 To configure the Profibus communication, you create a slave object under the
 Profibus master object. Create an object of class Pb_DP_Slave, insert the
 gsd-file for the converter, and open the Profibus configurator from the popup
 menu for the slave object (ConfigureSlave).

 This is an example for an ABB converter.
 1. Create a slave object of class Pb_DP_Slave below the Profibus master object.
 2. Enter the gsd-file, $pwr_exe/abb_acs_pb_slave.gsd, into the GSDfile attribute.
 3. Activate 'ConfigureSlave' in the popup menu for the slave object.
    - select BaseFcPPO3PbModule in 'Module Class'.
    - set 'PrmUserData/Operation mode' to 'Vendor specific'.
    - set 'PrmUserData/Protocol' to 'PPO3'.
    - set Cut-Off time to 1. Specifies time when handling profibus errors.
 4. Connect a PlcThread object to the slave and module objects.
 5. Enter the Profibus address in the SlaveAddress attribute of the slave object.
 6. Set WdFact1 and WdFact2 in the slave object, which defines the time for the
    watchdog handling, i.e. the time before the converter is tripped when communication
    is lost (if it is configured to trip).
    The time in milliseconds is 10 * WdFact1 * WdFact2. For example if WdFact1 is 10 and
    WdFact2 is 5 the watchdog time is 0.5 s.
 7. Connect the module to the main object of type BaseFcPPO3 in the plant hierarchy with
    the IoConnect function.

 Fig Profibus configurator

 Fig Attributes settings

PPO Configuration
 PDZ3 and PDZ4 should be configured for current and torque in the converter.

 The conversion of the converter signals to process value units is made in the
 ChanAi and ChanAo, i.e. set the range values of the channels
 -O_REF     Reference
 -I_ACT     Actual value

See also

RtBody attributes pwr_sClass_BaseFcPPO3PbModule
Pb_Module Super   Super class
BaseFcPPO3IoModule Io   Status Word, SW, in PPO message from converter.

Template Object
Super.Specification Profibus module PPO3 protocol
Super.Process 1
Io.I_SW.Description Status Word
Io.I_SW.Identity 9201
Io.I_SW.ConversionOn 1
Io.I_SW.Representation 3
Io.I_ACT.Description Actual Value
Io.I_ACT.Identity 1103
Io.I_ACT.ConversionOn 1
Io.I_ACT.ScanInterval 1
Io.I_ACT.RawValRangeLow -3.276800e+04
Io.I_ACT.RawValRangeHigh 3.276700e+04
Io.I_ACT.ChannelSigValRangeLow -3.276800e+04
Io.I_ACT.ChannelSigValRangeHigh 3.276700e+04
Io.I_ACT.SensorPolyType 1
Io.I_ACT.SensorSigValRangeLow -3.276800e+04
Io.I_ACT.SensorSigValRangeHigh 3.276700e+04
Io.I_ACT.ActValRangeLow -1.000000e+02
Io.I_ACT.ActValRangeHigh 1.000000e+02
Io.I_ACT.Representation 2
Io.O_CW.Description Control Word
Io.O_CW.Identity 9004
Io.O_CW.Representation 3
Io.O_REF.Description Reference Value
Io.O_REF.Identity 9004
Io.O_REF.OutPolyType 1
Io.O_REF.ActValRangeLow -1.000000e+02
Io.O_REF.ActValRangeHigh 1.000000e+02
Io.O_REF.SensorSigValRangeLow -3.276800e+04
Io.O_REF.SensorSigValRangeHigh 3.276700e+04
Io.O_REF.ChannelSigValRangeLow -3.276800e+04
Io.O_REF.ChannelSigValRangeHigh 3.276700e+04
Io.O_REF.RawValRangeLow -3.276800e+04
Io.O_REF.RawValRangeHigh 3.276700e+04
Io.O_REF.Representation 2

Attributes detail

Super Attribute
Class Attribute
Type Pb_Module
Flags Class|Superclass
Body RtBody
 Super class

Io Attribute
Class Attribute
Type BaseFcPPO3IoModule
Flags Class
Body RtBody
 Status Word, SW, in PPO message from converter.