Proview is free to download, use and modify in any way you want as long as you follow the terms of the GPL license. The Proview project resides at Sourceforge and the link below goes to the project page.

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Distribution files

The latest version of Proview is 5.5.0-1 which has release date 5 April 2017.

The release consists of four packages and a source code tarball.

pwr55 - Proview Development Environment
This package is installed on development stations where you configure and build proview projects. It contains the development environment, but also the runtime and storage environments, i.e. pwrrt and pwrsev don't need to be installed on development stations.

pwrrt - Proview Runtime Environment
pwrrt contains the runtime and HMI environment and is installed on process and operator stations.

pwrsev - Proview Storage Environment
Is installed on storage stations, which contains a database for process history. It should not be installed on process or operator stations.

pwrdemo55 - Proview Demo Project
The demo project contains a Proview project with a demo of HMI components and dynamics, and some applications examples, a level control and a temperature control. It is installed on development stations. If you are a Proview beginner we recommend that you install and start the demo project. Install the pwr55 package before installing pwrdemo55.

pwrsrc - Proview Source Code
This is a tar-file with the Proview source code.

Each of these packages exists as installation files for the Linux distributions, Debian, Raspbian and Ubuntu LTS.